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Welcome to Doolin

As hen party destinations go, Doolin on the north west coast of County Clare has got to be up there with the best of them. It doesn’t have bowling alleys, galleries and ornate museums; they don’t go in for Bog snorkelling, Cheese rolling or bungee jumping and for the retail therapist, forget about the shopping Malls. What it does have is Charm by the truck load, spectacular landscapes, acres and acres of amazing bare limestone in the Burren and that wholesome Irish “Village feel” generated by the warm hearted and welcoming locals.

Doolin, like many other Irish coast line towns and Villages began its life as a fishing Village. Nowadays it is one of the connecting ports linking the Aran Islands with the mainland.

It is also the unofficial capital of traditional Irish music in Ireland. Thousands of visitors flock to this charming place annually to experience the unique atmosphere enjoy the beauty and soak up the genuine “Irishness” of Doolin.

Why Doolin

For a Hen Party outing there are many activities in the area that will appeal to a cross section of girls. For instance visiting the fantastic Cliff’s of Moher or the archaeological sites in the Burren. Visiting the Aran Islands, scenic country walks swimming, caving and scuba diving.
Doolin has some quaint craft shops that are pleasant to browse.

The choice of restaurants is very good and most of the pubs serve good wholesome food many of them specialising in seafood.
The Pub scene is electric with music sessions every night. Doolins reputation for the craic proceeds itself. There are few places in Europe with such an amazing spontaneous musical care free atmosphere as the county Clare village of Doolin.
Accommodation is plentiful and the range is wide, from budget to B&B and first class hotels.  

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