Village Hen Party

village hen party

Hear us out.....village Hen Parties are REALLY where the fun is at ladies.

Some women just dont want the hassle and stress of a city or big town Hen Party. So why not kill two birds with one stone and have a village Hen Party.....

Many villages all around the country have festivals every year and the craic and atmosphere is mighty. Rent out the local hotel or take a self catering house, decorate at will, add a lot of wine and bobs your uncle.

The locals love Henparties, there are usually a million single men on the hunt for fresh meat and you are guaranteed not to meet another hen! Music, bunting and a lot of craic. What more could you want!
'Thousands of Irish women know and trust for their Henparties!'
Courtmacsherry, Crosshavem, Kinsale, Doolin....the list is endless........

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'Thousands of Irish women know and trust for their Henparties!'