Nice Ideas

Nice Ideas


Hen Party Ideas! 

There are so many ‘Nice Ideas’ that can be used for the day of the Hen Party that will do nothing but make the Hen smile.

Many of these ideas can be arranged simply and without a huge amount of expense, but will add something special to the Hens day. 

Nice hen party ideas can be the icing on the cake. The difference between any old night out and the Bride to Be feeling like the most special girl in the word!

Think big girls. Think tears! We want her bawling at the dinner table as she remembers memories from school, or the day the Groom proposed or really send her over the edge with a message from her Dad!

Here at we have years and years of experience of hen parties. And so we have seen all the best hen party ideas! Here are some of our favourites, but with a little imagination its easy to think of a million more……….

 If you need help planning a hen party or finding any more nice or special hen party ideas for the Bride to Be, make sure and drop us a line or give us a call!

Let us use our nationwide contacts to make sure you have a smooth effortless hen party.....

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