Spend the afternoon relaxing with your friends as you get your hair shaped and pampered. Bring a little bottle of wine or bubbly (better to check ahead to see that the Salon is cool with this). A lot of hairdressers offer much more than just hair treatments now – get your nails and make up done at the same time perhaps.

Many hairdressers now offer pamper packages for your henparty, so not as expensive as you might think (can't hurt to ask them the price anyhow).  

We can highly recommend Salon 2 in Sligo,The Upstylist in Cork, Ballygarry House Hotel & Spa in Tralee, Sean Taaffe Hair & Beauty in Killarney & Tralee, Beauty Team Ireland in Waterford & Kilkenny, Loughreys Bar & Guesthouse in Tullamore, Revas Spa & Hair Gallery  in Limerick, McHughs Bar in Sligo and Castle Hens & Girlie Weekends in Kerry.

Our Sligo Hen Package has a pampering session for your activity!


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