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Thinking about a hen party package in Carlow? You’ve chosen well! Not only is it easily accessible from most places in Ireland, but Carlow is also known for its superb restaurants and vibrant energy. Coupled with everything from amazing indoor and outdoor activities to quirky artisanal experiences, it's a town that has it all for a great hen do!

Whether you’re after the traditional pub vibe with somewhere like Corcoran’s Bar (the oldest original pub in Carlow), or want something a little more modern, it’s heaving with fantastic pubs and nightlife that love hens. So don't miss out on the craic, Carlow for a hen night is one of the best destinations around!

Hen Party Packages Include...


Looking at a hen party package? is here to help! We take the stress out of planning a hen do – including where to stay. Whether you’re thinking about a cosy B&B, or want a luxury hotel and spa experience in Carlow, we work with them all. Just get in touch with us, and we’ll help you find the perfect hen party accommodation in Carlow!


Carlow has an incredible selection of restaurants, catering to every whim and fancy. As part of your hen party package, we are delighted to include a 3-course meal at a wonderful Carlow restaurant. If you’re looking for 2-course, finger food, or something else, we can definitely arrange this through one of our many contacts. No matter what you prefer – and it really is the bride’s choice – at, we’re happy to help you sort it!

Hen Night Out – Pubs and Clubs

We’ve got all the best hen night places and recommendations to go to. A little-known fact is Carlow has one of the biggest and best-known nightclubs in Ireland! Back in the day big Dublin sports clubs used to come down on buses to party. And ladies, they are doing it again! As part of your hen package, we have a reserved area and shots in a hopping Carlow bar plus late night and club entry around town.

Carlow Hen Party Activities

As a premium hen weekend location, Carlow features some great activities that you and your hen do crew can crack into! We have been working with all the top activity suppliers in Carlow for many years now, so we can ensure there’s something for everybody to enjoy. Check out our suggestions below!

  • Top 6 Hen Party Activities

    The Cube

    Take on a thrilling group activity, and face challenging tasks in a confined space, testing your skills!

    Location: Carlow
    Time: 3 hours

    Draw a Nude

    This drawing class comes with all the equipment you need to draw a nude... including the male model!

    Location: Carlow
    Time: 3 hours

    Cocktail Class

    Shaken or stirred – in your very own cocktail class, you can have it your way.

    Location: Carlow
    Time: 3 hours

    Dance Class

    Perfect for everyone – even if you have two left feet – you’ll learn a fun new routine!

    Location: Carlow
    Time: 3 hours

    Drag Show Cabaret

    Perfect for Drag Race fans, organise your very own drag show cabaret and lip sync for your life!

    Location: Carlow
    Time: 3 hours

    Chocolate Making

    For the bride with a sweet tooth, why not treat her to a chocolate-making workshop?

    Location: Carlow
    Time: 3 hours

  • More Hen Party Activities

    When we said that there was a lot to do in Carlow, we weren’t joking! For more hen do group activities, check out our list below. If any of these activities sound good to you, get in touch with us, and we’ll help you include it in a tailored Carlow hen party package!

    • Afternoon Tea
    • Ann Summers Demo
    • Build a Willy Activity
    • CSI Save the Groom
    • Makeup Party
    • Music Studio
    • Paint a Nude
    • Paintball
    • Photobooth
    • Photoshoot
    • Pole Dance
    • River Adventures
    • Roller Disco
    • Sculpt a Naked Guy
    • Vintage Tea Party
    • The Cube
    • The Prosecco Van
    • Twerking
    • And more!
Carlow Hen Party Activity - Badges to wear

Why Carlow for a Hen Do?

Experience The Fighting Cock County

No, not like that – although on a hen weekend, who's to say? One of Carlow’s many nicknames, this lends itself to the county’s rich GAA heritage. But that’s not all. Carlow itself is a great location for a hen do, as it’s chock-full of culture and good vibes. Hit up a spa in the morning, and spend the day relaxing, before you head out to a delicious meal, followed by drinks and dancing!


Carlow has artisans in every corner, so if it’s craft beer you’re after, O’Hara’s is an internationally renowned craft brewer. Follow that by a visit to the Royal Oak distillery that produces about 8 million bottles of spirits every year. Or if you hit town early on Saturday, go and visit the farmers market and pick up some of the amazing Artisan grub that will feast your eyes. Don’t be concerned about shoving on a few extra pounds as you and your Hens can shake it off in one of the country’s best night clubs as the sun dips down.


Carlow is heaving with great pubs that love hens. There are lots of great pubs in the town so getting thirsty won’t be an issue. If it’s the craic you are after, Carlow will knock your socks off. We don't always think of Carlow as a hen destination but I promise girls, it's one of the best!

  • Carlow Hen Do – FAQs:

    1. Is Carlow good for a hen party?

    Carlow’s excellent location and amazing vibe make it a great option for a hen party. Whether you’re after unique daytime activities, a fun cocktail place, or delicious food, it’s got all this and more – in spades. If you’re looking to celebrate a hen weekend in Carlow, get in touch with us, and we can make it happen!

    2. How far is Carlow from Dublin?

    Carlow is 90km – or a little over an hour – from Dublin. Whether you’re taking the train (a brilliant option for some cheeky drinks!) or you’re driving down, Carlow is easy to get to!

    3. What is Carlow known for?

    From majestic megalithic monuments (say that five times, fast!) to amazing restaurants – and the oldest nightclub in Ireland, there’s a lot to be said for Carlow. Plus, we wouldn’t miss out on mentioning the museum scene, for the cultured hens on tour!

  • Carlow Hen Party Reviews

    Ciara Murphy

    Date of review: 7th May, 2023 made our hen celebration unforgettable with the Carlow hen party package! Seamless booking, fantastic activities, and excellent customer service made the planning stress-free. Highly recommend for a tailored and memorable experience!

    Clodagh Brennan

    Date of review: 20th August, 2023 exceeded expectations! The Carlow hen party package was a hit – from unique activities to superb planning. The team's attention to detail and excellent customer service ensured a memorable and fun celebration. Highly recommend for a perfect hen party experience!

    Grainne McCarthy

    Date of review: 26th November, 2022 made our hen party extraordinary! The Carlow package was filled with fun activities, and the booking process was a breeze. The personalised touch and responsive customer service made the entire experience seamless. If you want a perfect blend of fun and ease for your hen party, look no further!

    Niamh O’Connor

    Date of review: 17th March, 2023 exceeded all expectations for our hen celebration! The website offered a fantastic range of packages, and the seamless payment process made planning a breeze. From start to finish, the team's attention to detail and excellent customer service ensured a stress-free and unforgettable experience. Highly recommend for anyone looking to create lasting memories with their hen party!

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