About Us

Meet Kate - The Heart Behind the Party!🎉

Why did Kate jump into the hen party world? Simple! After twirling in bridesmaid dresses for the sixth time, she thought, "Why's no one helping the women of Ireland plan hen parties?" So, what does a gal with drive, dreams, and a dash of sparkle do? She takes the reins!

Kate Hyde

From her spare room in Waterford, armed only with passion and a Credit Union loan, Kate Hyde launched Henparty.ie in 2008. Forget knitting luxury dog coats (yes, she thought of that too) – creating Ireland's ultimate hen party website was the aim of the game! There wasn’t a website in Ireland catering for hen parties back then. Hard to believe! Kate’s was the first

The Rise of Henparty.ie

2008: From the spare room in Waterford, Henparty.ie was born! It wasn't just a website; it was THE place for hen parties in Ireland.

2008: Kate got her first taste of National media when RTE’s Nationwide came and filmed her fledgling business in Dunhill in Waterford! You’d be surprised how many people watch Nationwide.

2009: Guess what? Kate braved her nerves and appeared on Dragon's Den. Her back up plan if it went badly was to run away. The result? Two ‘Dragon’ bites, and a business ready to soar.

2011: Kate pens the ultimate guidebook - 'How to Henparty' – with Currach Press making waves and headlines on Irish Media! Kate even went on the Ray D’Arcy show!

2014: As hens strutted, stags wanted in. Enter Stagparty.ie! The family also welcomed TheFancyhen.ie, for those swanky parties as tastes went a little more upmarket.

2015: Kate sucked up all her courage and bought her Dragons out in 2015. It was a fantastic experience being on Dragons Den. Kate still chats to them today!

2016: Time to sprinkle some hen party magic beyond Ireland. Strawberryhen.co.uk launched in the UK, and the party vibes went international. Kate even appeared on The Hotel Inspector on Channel 5 in the UK!

2017-2018: The family grew bigger with the addition of Babyshower.ie and Bigpotatoes.ie. From hens, stags to showers and team building – it’s all covered!

2020: Well we all know what happened then! And it was stressful. But we got through it thanks to our incredible team, our amazing customers and our relationships with our utterly wonderful suppliers.

2023: Now we’re sucking diesel! Back in the saddle we are full throttle ahead again organising hens, stags and more for 40,000 people annually.

💁 Why Book with Henparty.ie? 💁

1. A Legacy of Fun: Since 2008, we've been the life of the party! That's over a decade of planning, laughing, and celebrating. We're not just in the business of parties; we're in the business of making memories.

2. Rave Reviews: Don't just take our word for it. Our Google testimonials are a chorus of happy hens singing our praises. Every review is a testament to the unforgettable experiences we’ve helped create.

3. We're Real, Just Like You: Behind Henparty.ie are real people with real party-planning pains. We get it – planning a hen isn't always a piece of cake. But that's why we're here, bringing our expertise and understanding to make sure you have a fantastic experience.

4. Painless Payments: Chasing friends for money? That's old news! Our payment platform simplifies the process, making it a breeze for your guests to pay. Say goodbye to awkward money conversations!

5. Stress? Not on Our Watch: Hen parties should be about fun, not fretting. Trust us to handle the nitty-gritty details. From bookings to itineraries, we ensure everything runs smoothly, so you can focus on having a blast.

In Short:

Henparty.ie has been the go-to hen party planner since 2008. Our glowing Google reviews showcase our dedication to unforgettable experiences. Comprised of genuine individuals who understand the pains and stresses of planning a hen, we offer an easy payment platform and take on all the stress, so you can enjoy the party to the fullest!

Henparty.ie is more than just a service; it's a feeling, a celebration, an emotion. It's about every bride-to-be and her brigade, every laugh shared, and every memory made


Meet The Rest of the HenParty.ie Team!

Geraldine 1

Geraldine McGrath, General Manager Henparty.ie

Geraldine is a native of Kill in Co.Waterford and having spent time in Dublin in a big law firm she is back in Waterford and is Henparty.ie's General Manager. Geraldine mans the Henparty.ie fort with an iron fist and oversees all Henparty.ie departments, with particular emphasis on our Hen and Stag packages. Drop Geraldine a line on info@henparty.ie

Michelle hen

Michelle Rundle, Hen and Stag Co-Ordinator & Advertising

Michelle is another Waterford native and following a very successful stint in a well known IT company, Michelle now loves planning hens and stags and making lots of Irish businesses lots of money from advertising with Henparty.ie. And of course they all love her as a result :0) Michelle knows all about SEO, newsletters, facebook and making a business hen friendly. Drop Michelle a line on info@henparty.ie

Katie Hen 1

Katie Phelan, Hen and Stag Co-Ordinatior

Also hailing from the wonderful world of Waterford, Katie is no stranger to planning and organising. Katie is literally like a machine when it comes to planning a Hen. Katie runs many of our henparty packages around Ireland, and knows all the hot spots around the country. Give her a shout on 051 390990 or info@henparty.ie

Aisling Website Pics

Aisling O'Bryne, Hen and Stag Co-Ordinator

Another Waterford native, Aisling joined Henparty.ie from a large hedge fund company and Aisling looks after some of our busiest hen packages. You only have to look at our testemonials to see all the thanks Aisling gets, all the time Aisling knows it all and loves nothing more than organising the hen of even the most disorganised bridesmaid. Even last minute......Give her a shout on 051 390990 or info@henparty.ie

Laura hen 2

Laura Delaney, Hen and Stag Co-ordinator

Laura, a Waterford native, looks after hen and stag packages all around Ireland here at www.henparty.ie. Laura knows all the best businesses around the country and has contacts in all the right spots. Laura lives breaths and eats henparties and with the little time she has left after that, she is an avid photographer and has met Bon Jovi. Yes, you heard right. Drop Laura a line on info@henparty.ie or call her on 051 390990

Emma Hen 1

Emma Whittle, Hen and Stag Co-Ordinator

Emma is a native of Waterford though some might claim her as Kilkenny. She looks after some of our busiest packages in the country, and loves every single minute of it! Emma is always at the end of the phone to help you out with every part of your hen. Just give her a call 051390990 or email info@henparty.ie

IMG 3128 2

Tricia Rice, Hen and Stag Co-Ordinator

Tricia is a our resident Wexford woman. Tricia loves looking after all the budding hens and stags out there. Tricia has travelled the world on many different occassions so she definitely knows all the right spots for hen parties! Tricia is standing by to hear from you now, just call her on 051390990 or email info@henparty.ie


Aleannah McInerney, Package Support

Aleannah is our Galway girl. Born and raised in Connemara, when Aleannah is not in the office she loves to draw, a true artiste we say! Aleannah also loves the craic and can be spotted regularly at gigs and festivals around the country. Email Aleannah info@henparty.ie

Amy Hen

Amy Jacob, Accounts

Amy is a Waterford native that just loves accounts. When the rest of us are chatting about the soaps, Amy just wants to keep talking about accounts. Amy can whip a spread sheet up in 0.15 seconds and have a pie chart to go with it 5 seconds later.

You can contact Amy on accounts@henparty.ie

Claire s pic 1

Claire Hutchings, Digital Media and Marketing Executive

Claire is another Cork native who looks after the digital media and marketing in the company. When shes not working away in the office Claire loves to be out on the pitch playing football and rugby. Drop Claire a line info@henparty.ie

Profile Pic 1

Rob Armstrong, Content and Digital Media

Rob is another Cork man who looks after content and digital media. When Rob's not in the office he loves pumping iron and playing sports. When he has a free minute he's off building things with lego! Drop Rob a line now info@henparty.ie

Carol profile

Carol Ruane, Digital Content and E Commerce Executive

Carol is another Cork native who loves creating content for the website! When Carol's not in the office she loves chilling out and going for walks with her dog! Fun fact Carol is also the youngest of 10 kids! Drop Carol a line info@henparty.ie


Aoife Gilleran, E Commerce and Content Executive

Aoife is our resident Roscommon woman! Aoife is also a professionally trained singer and loves singing along to the radio in the office, much to everyone's enjoyment! Drop Aoife a line info@henparty.ie

Hannah Hen 2

Hannah Christie, Admin and Online Store

Hannah is front of house at Henparty.ie and when you ring our office and hear that friendly voice on the other end, it's Hannah! Hannah makes sure all the admin in Henparty.ie runs like clockwork and also sends out hen party parcels across the world.

Paul Hen 2

Paul Twohig, Business Development Manager

Paul is another Cork Native. Paul is defintely not a newbie to the business world with years of experience in different fields behind him. When he has any spare time he has been known to enjoy cycling, swimming and electronic music! Drop Paul a line info@henparty.ie