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Escape Rooms for a Hen Party

Are you looking for a fun activity that will bring the group together by offering a challenge where teamwork is needed and will guarantee a lot of fun? Well, look no further because an Escape Room would be the perfect thing for you and your group.

You’ll be split into groups of 6 as you try to escape the room with a 60-minute time limit which adds an extra level of pressure. Great fun will be had as you and the girls will have to try to stay calm while you plough through a number of different puzzles and challenges in order to get out as quickly as possible.

So what makes an Escape Room such a great hen party activity? Let’s find out. Here are Escape Rooms for a Hen Party!

1. Teamwork brings you together

An Escape Room is a perfect activity if you’ve got a group of ladies who’ve never met before. It’ll quickly get them together and they’ll bond faster with the common goal of trying to get out of the room quicker.

2. Lots of themes

Escape Rooms come with so many different themes to choose from and each place has a different group of themes so take the time to put in some research and pick the perfect theme for you and your hen party. Themes range from a letter room to spy or espionage rooms and these can be really fun themes to work with.

3. Plan the hen around the theme

On the topic of themes, the theme you choose to run with for the Escape Room could easily become the main theme for the hen party. If you’re doing a bank robbery Escape Room then you could all dress up as cops and robbers for some extra fun. Or maybe you’re doing the Spy/Espionage room where you could all dress up as secret agents. Get creative and it could all fit together really well.

4. Great for groups of all sizes

Whether the group is big or small, Escape Rooms will cater perfectly for you. Don’t worry if you’ve got more than 6 ladies in the group, you’ll simply be split into teams and this will add to the competition as you’ll all band together to make your team get out faster than the rest.

5. It gets you thinking

Get ready for a brain exercise because the Escape Room will require a lot of quick thinking and will keep you on your toes.

6. The time limit adds some fun

The Escape Room will be great fun because of the competition of trying to get out either before the other team or before the time limit is up. The pressure will add some great laughs as you try to escape.

Check out our Hen Party Packages which include Escape Rooms as one of the potential activities and you can get your hen party booked now with a fantastic new experience for all.

Kate Hyde
Kate Hyde
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