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Spin 103 Jan 18/01/2001

‘’ A must visit if you’re having a hen or Birthday’’

Boulevard Café in the heart of Dublin restaurant/Night lift district is well known in Dublin as ‘’The Prime Destination’’ to have a fun night out with fantastic Mediterranean/European style food.

We do ‘’Classy Hen Nights’’ for those who enjoy great food in a fun vibrant setting.

The Boulevard Café has a reputation of people up dancing on chairs, this however does not happen. We do however get the Hen to stand up on the chair and give them our ‘’Hen Potion’’ and play some cheesy wedding song. This is then followed at the end of the night where the whole restaurant may get up and dance to some of the favourites from the 80s/90s i.e. Abba, YMCA, 9 to 5 and even Joe Dolan!!

We also are well know where at the end of the night the hens have been known to do the Rumba out the front doors.

There has been night where we have celebrated Hens, Divorce, 30th & 40th all on the same night and have done specific themes i.e. Recently it was a ‘’Fame Theme’’

Please click on to the web site link and look at our menus.

As per Kiss 108 listeners

‘’Voted the best & classiest place to have a hen party in Dublin’’

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