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Get your feet ready for the night ahead!

Coral Bay offers a unique and innovative foot pedicure treatment borrowed from the hot spring treatments of southern Turkey.

A natural organic cleansing treatment using the Garra Rufa Fish that gently nibble away the hard and calloused skin on your feet.

Aside from the soothing effect of having your feet gently massaged in warm water by the Garra Rufa fish,
the non invasive peeling away of layers of hard and calloused skin leave
the feet feeling cleansed, silky smooth and soothed.

Unlike harsher methods of skin removal our Garra Rufa pedicure only removes the
outer dead layer of skin leaving the healthy skin exposed.

Known to help in the alleviation of skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema,

the minnow sized fish have been used to stimulate reflexology points

helping improve circulation and regulate the nervous system.


15 Minute Mini Session €12

30 Minute Session €20

40 Minute Session €25

We offer great group discounts. Just call today to book your henparty in!

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056 7763907
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