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Draw a Naked Guy
We are the premier providers of 'Draw a Naked Guy’ and ‘Draw a Naked Gal’ activity all over Ireland
Treat her to the latest and most popular activity for Hen Parties - 'Draw a Naked Guy' art class. This is a sophisticated, fun and exciting event and is a great alternative to just booking a 'Stripper'.
Here you will get to admire, scrutinize and stare in wonderment at the beauty of the human form - you will also learn how to draw various parts of his anatomy!
The drawing session lasts for 1 hour. Wine can be brought to our Galway studio (or we can organise this for an additional charge). The tutor will explain the running order and will give a brief demonstration of materials and techniques. The party will then be introduced to the model, who will assume a number of classical poses, comprising profile, rear and full frontal. Help and guidance from the tutor will be on hand throughout the session. A group photo with the model can be taken, and Hens get to take their drawings home. Reduced rates for larger parties.

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Sculpt a Naked Guy
The great fun, new and naughty, creative activity for your Hen Party. What would you do when confronted with a lump of clay and a Hunky Naked Guy? No holds barred when the Bride craves to 'carve-a-cranium' or 'fashion-a-phallus' - you will howl at the amazing details you can shape with a simple sculptors tool! This is not a messy activity, though we do supply aprons for those artists who happen to work themselves into a little uncontrolled frenzy of excitement!
All materials are provided and, as the clay is fast-drying, you can take your creations home in a plastic bag!

Those naughty originators of the very popular 'Draw and Sculpt a Naked Guy' for Hen Parties now bring you the hilariously saucy new drawing-based quiz game - DICKtionary. Yes, you guessed it - it's like Pictionary but with a naked Quizmaster!

Two teams compete against the clock to draw sexy words or risque phrases provided by the compere, earning points for their team. Each correct guess for their sketch forces the Quizmaster to remove an item of his clothing! The girls will Howl at the ridiculously funny drawings produced, and it doesn't take long before their hunky compere is laid-bare! No cheap prizes - just the most fantastic activity you can give the Hen!

Bodypaint a Naked Guy.
We do exactly what it says on the tin - our Hens get to paint directly onto our models with body paint! Hens are split into small teams and work together to create their unique work of body art!
And don’t worry, Mammy - he’ll be wearing a cheeky thong unless you request to paint the entire canvas!!

Testimonials :

We had a great time at our activity, it was brilliant, all the girls loved it especially leanne. It also helped that Ross was very easy on the eye and a gentleman. Sue, I hope I got her name right was a lovely welcoming person, very kind and helpful to us, she was amazing. - Monica

"I booked a Life-Drawing class for my sister's Hen Party in February 2013. We were a large group with a wide range of experiences of drawing (some of us hadn't picked up a pencil since leaving school). But the class turned out to be the perfect afternoon activity for all. Mark was more than helpful in the run up to the weekend, responding quickly to all my queries and accommodating all my needs. He directed the class brilliantly, keeping the atmosphere light and ensuring we were all having a great time while at the same time helping us produce some great work - If any of us were shy at the beginning of the class we were totally taken in by the activity by the end! This was a fantastic way to spend the afternoon with our Hen Party guests and went down well with the entire group. Highly recommended." Aoife Lucey

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