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A fun and sophisticated choice for our Galway Hen Party groups at

We do wine tastings in an educational way but keep it fun, easy and relaxed. While you have a great time with your friends, we organize everything from start to finish!

Thru tasting wine you learn a lot and more when you are among friends. You'll create both memories and build knowledge. With a little knowledge you could build a passion. I'm an experienced international Sommelier who is very passionate about wine and I want to share the beauty and simplicity of wine. We want to make it easy to understand wine so it is easier to approach and love.

We are situated in Galway but can travel all around Ireland to meet you for the wine tasting! We bring glasses, wine, info sheets and other wine related necessities. You choose what theme you want for the tasting, choose your theme on our website or down below.

Grape theme
  • Same grape from different countries
  • Same grape from different types of soils
  • Same grape and different wine making styles
  • Same grape from different years
Old world and new world theme
  • 3 different grapes, same grape from the old world and the new world
Sweet, Fortified and Port theme
  • Sweet sparkling wines
  • Wines with cheeses
  • Wines with chocolate and desserts
  • Sweet wines and food
Producer theme
  • Different styles
  • Cheap vs expensive
  • Vintage tastings

6 main grapes theme
Sparkling theme
  • Champagne vs sparkling wine
Organic or Biodynamic wine
  • Conventional wines and organic wines with same grape
  • Different producers
  • Different agriculture method
  • Unusual grapes theme
  • Wines from unusual grapes or countries
  • Food with wine theme
  • 5 basic tastes and wrong food with wrong wine
  • If you are around Galway and want to meet and talk about the wine tasting that is no problem and free of charge.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about wine together with your friends! If you mention I will give you 1 complimentary bottle of sparkling to start or finish the tasting with!

If you want to know more, visit our website or send us an email!
We would love to hear from you!

We love wine!
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153 Gleann na Ri