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On a self-catering or holiday home hen party, drinking games are a great way to get the party started. Just remember to drink sensibly while playing.

Hysterical Card Game.
Remove all the aces, kings, tens, jokers, queens, nines and threes are from the deck and leave them on the table in a heap. The first hen-partier takes a card from the table and shows everyone else. Each card has a particular activity and used only once. Move clockwise around the table and each person picks a new card after each activity until the cards are gone. The activities are:

Where the hen-partier draws the Queen this means everyone plays the alphabet game, where the person who picks the queen chooses a topic and begins on "A" with a word related to the subject, next person is "B" and so on. For example, the topic could be dogs with the first person choosing Alsatian, the second being Boxer. This continues until someone makes a mistake, takes too long or can't think of one. The forfeit is a big drink.
When a Jack is drawn everybody toasts, and everybody takes a good swig.If the hen-partier draws the Ten, they are a Thumb Mistress and keep it beside them. Whenever they like they put their thumb on the table and without saying anything everyone else must do the same. The last person to put their thumb on the table takes a big drink. When someone draws a nine they must immediately look at someone and asks them a question. That person then turns immediately to someone else and asks them a question, and so on. The first person to either laugh, answer a question or ask a question to the person who just asked them has to take a big drink. If an ace is drawn the hen-partier is allowed make up any rule they like, for example, every time the hens' name is mentioned everyone must take a drink, or if you cough you have to do a dance. For the hen-partier that draws the King, they must pour some of their drink into an empty glass that is kept on the table. The next two players to draw Kings do the same. Whoever draws the last Kind must drink everything in the glass.

Higher/Lower Card Game.
The hen is dealt a card and then has to guess whether the next card will be higher or lower than the next previous. If she gets it wrong, she takes a swig from her drink. If she gets it right she guesses again and keeps going for minimum five cards at which point she can choose to continue or pass to the next player. When the next player guesses incorrectly, she drinks for each card she got right before also getting the option to pass after five cards. The strategy is to build up a lot of cards and then pass it to the next player without getting caught yourself.

The Dice Game.
The first person rolls the dice and has to fill the corresponding shot glass. For example, if the first hen-partier rolls a 5, they have to fill glass 5 with a shot. Then player 2 gets to roll. If she rolls a 5 she has to drink cup 5. Otherwise, she must fill another cup for whatever glass they roll on the dice. Basically, if the hen-partier rolls a dice and the corresponding cup is empty then they fill it. If it is full then they drink it. Each hen-partier must keep rolling until they fill up a cup.

Vegetable Game.
Everyone sits in a circle and picks the name of a vegetable for themselves. Then going around the circle everyone says their name/vegetable for the other ’vegetables’ to hear. The first player must say their vegetable name and the name of one other person. That person does the same thing, they say their vegetable name and the name of another vegetable. All this must be done without showing any teeth. If a hen-partier shows their teeth they must have a big drink. This game is impossible and very very funny.

Coin Game.
An easy game to organise with fun results. Everyone must sit around a table and each her-partier must have a coin. The first hen-partier taps their coin on the table once to begin to play to the right. The hen-partier on her right then taps her coin once to keep that direction, or twice to reverse direction. The first person to tap out of turn/tap too soon/not tap on their go must take a drink.

Roxanne Drinking Game.
Put the old classic "Roxanne" by the Police on the CD player and every time Sting sings the name Roxanne, everyone must take a swig. Gas.

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