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3 Fun Hen Party Games

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If you are planning a hen party soon, we can guarantee it’s not complete without some games. We have put together 3 Fun Hen Party Games to give you a little inspiration.

Hen Party games can be crazy, cheeky or even sentimental, but all meant to be fun. Just make sure to pick games to suit your Hen Party. To help you out we have put together some Fun Hen Party Games.

What Age Was The Bride?

This is a brilliant Hen Party game and perfect for any age group attending the Hen Party. There is not a huge amount of prep involved in this which is a bonus.

Simply buy a large piece of card, pick and stick 10 photos of the Bride on it. Make sure each photo is from a different time in the Bride’s life. Number each of the photographs and ask all of the girls to guess the age of the Bride.

Hen Party Pictionary

This is a Hen Party game with a difference! This is just like regular Pictionary, but with a Hen Party twist. You’ll need a few sheets of A3 paper, markers and something to lean the A3 pad against. Come up with a list of things to draw all relating to the Bride and Hen Party shenanigans.

Just to help you, here are some of our favourites:

  • Honeymoon
  • A Willy
  • Bridezilla
  • Shots
  • Stripper
  • Cocktails
  • Mother-In-Law
  • Blow Up Man
  • The Groom
  • Engagement Ring.

Wedding Dress Game

This game requires a lot of sticky tape, toilet paper and plenty of imagination. There are two ways to play this game.

Break the Hen Party into groups and get each group to design and make a wedding dress out of the materials. Give each team a 15-minute limit. After the time is up, each group should model their dress and the Bride gets to pick the winner.

The other way to play this game is to stand the Bride in the middle of the room and have the whole group create a wedding dress on her!

When playing games, we always recommend having a little something for the winners.

So there you have it! We hope some of these games make the cut for your Hen Party. If you want to check out more, we have plenty more game inspiration to help.

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Geraldine McGrath
Geraldine is our hen party guru! Calmly ruling the roost and knowing every hen hotspot across Ireland. In her spare time, Geraldine likes to read, walk and spend time with family and friends. She’s also recently been rediscovering her love for cross stitch!
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