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4 Exciting New Cocktails Your Must Try On Your Hen Party

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You’ve everything planned, everything packed and all the essentials on board for the hen party games and pranks. It’s time to get really excited about what a fantastic weekend that lays ahead. One thing that every girl gets excited about when she’s away on a weekend break with her besties is of course cocktails. It wouldn’t be a girls’ weekend away without one really.
So when you’re out on your hen party this weekend here are 4 exciting new cocktails you must try on your hen party.
1. Whiskey Smash with Mint & Agave Summer Cocktail
Whiskey I know doesn’t scream summer. It reminds most of us of that cold, wet and miserable winter we just had and we needed a few whiskeys to warm us up. But a whiskey smash will change your view on whiskey for good.
A whiskey smash is a light cocktail that is both bright in colour and refreshing in taste. My advice for the ingredients is to freshly squeeze your own lemons.
Fresh Lemon Juice
Agave Syrup or Simple Syrup.
Muddle the mint at the bottom of the glass. It will help release the oils
Add some crushed ice
Fill the class then with 2/3’s lemon juice and 1/3 Whiskey
It will be a bit tart so the simple syrup will help ease that and give the cocktail a bit more balance.
2. Spiked Ice Tea Juliette with Bourbon Summer Cocktail
This cocktail has certain Louisiana feel to it with Bourbon and Ice tea at the heart of this recipe. It gets hot there and so they’ve created this tasty refreshing cocktail that is always a crowd-pleaser on a hen party.
Ingredients: (1 glass)
45ml of Bourbon
25ml of Lemon Juice
25ml of Simple Syrup
30ml of Iced Tea
Mint leaves
Muddle the mint leaves in the glass
Add some crushed ice
Then add all the liquid parts
Shake well
Then sit back and enjoy on a gorgeous summer’s evening. We are sure the bride to be will love this cocktail.
3. Jalapeño Margarita Summer Cocktail
Many might think a cocktail that’s spicy is the last thing you’d want on a hot summers day and in particular something you might avoid on a hen party night. But after you try this cocktail you’ll be screaming for more.
Fresh Lime Juice
Sliced Jalapeno
Simple Syrup
Use a bit of lime juice to line the rim of a glass before dipping the glass in salt.
Muddle a few slices of Jalapeno, depending on tolerance for heat, and then add a bit of simple syrup.
Add some crushed ice to the glass, then pour in 2/3 Lime juice and 1/3 Tequila.
This cocktail will have you excited and anxious before drinking it but we’re sure you and the bride will love this cocktail.
4. Pineapple and Tequila Cocktail
If you’re looking for that totally tropical fruit taste, then you must try this cocktail on the hen night. This is always a crowd-pleaser on a hen party.
Fresh Pineapple Juice
Coconut Water Ice Cubes
Agave (Tip only use if you have fresh pineapples, leave it out if canned pineapples)
Freeze the coconut water ice cubes the night before.
Fresh pineapple juice can be a bit tart, so do a taste test and if needed add the agave.
Into a glass go 2/3 Pineapple juice and 1/3 Tequila
Add in coconut water ice cubes and stir
This cocktail goes perfect Hawaiian hula hen party theme and is the perfect accessory to the hula sets in our shop. The bride will love this cocktail and it’s always a crowd-pleaser on the hen party.

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