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9 Cringiest Dance Moves You’ll See On A Night Out

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So you’re about to head on your hen party weekend. There will be laughing, hen party activities, drinking, joking and without a shadow of a doubt some of the strangest and questionable faces pulled after seeing the 9 Cringiest Dance Moves You’ll See On A Dance floor in Ireland.
These dance moves are seen in every nightclub, late bar and even regular bars every weekend of the year in Ireland. For a country that produced river dance and has a huge amount of people involved in the arts, well…it’s just hard sometimes to watch or fellow countrymen and women pull these moves.
Some might have tried a Beyonce dance class and think they can now move as well as the Queen B and all the single ladies. Other women who have been going to a Burlesque class may try to break out a move or two but may feel lost without there boa. At least these people have gone to a dance class and aren’t going to be pulling these moves, well unless they’re under the influence.
What will also shock you is that your drunken signature move is probably on this list;
1.The Jump while pointing a finger
This is a classic cringey dance move that’s the go-to dance move for anyone with 2 left feet. You’ve all seen them, (and you’re guilty of doing it yourself), they’ll be smack bang in the middle of the dance floor jumping up and down in the one spot pointing the finger. They’ll be in the belief that finger actually is keeping the beat. The other reason for them being in the middle of the dance floor is that fewer people can actually see them. Also as the ladies will protest when guys break out this move, they move with the grace of a 2-ton bull and bash into everyone.
2.Stack the Shelves
Is there a dance move worse than this? Even while you sit there reading this, you’re picturing some young fella in a club doing it. A shiver of cringe trickles down your spine and you hear yourself muttering ‘well he’s definitely going home on his own tonight’
3.Big Box Little Box
Another dance move employed by the 2 left feet brigade. It’s all about hand movements here. In fact, they move them more than a magician trying to play a card trick on you. They sign out a big box, then a little box, then a big box and my god you begin to wonder what level IQ this poor soul might have. I struggle to think or believe that anyone has been impressed by this dance move. That’s why it makes the list as one the cringiest dance moves.
4.The Moonwalk
If you cannot do the moonwalk dance move properly then don’t decide to do in the middle of a nightclub. Those who try this dance move just look like they are walking backwards awkwardly. Remember you are NOT Michael Jackson.
5.Rock The Boat
This dance move gets wheeled out at ever event in Ireland. The DJ spins that track, well he clicks play on his laptop, and before you know it everyone is on the ground, one behind each other swaying left and right, back and forth. I cringe every time I witness it, and head to the bar. The worst bit of it all is when you realise the dirt of the floor. Just think how many people on nights out have lost their dinner or dragged something in off the streets. You wouldn’t be as quick to sit down in your new Gúna on that manky floor.
6.The Pole
We’ve all witnessed the tried and failed attempts of those girls and guys trying to impress on the pole. You’ve wandered into a nightclub that for some strange reason has a pole and you see that girl who decides this is my time to shine. You see that look in her eye that she’s thinking all the guys will want me after my little raunchy performance. Then all she does is jump up on it and slide down it like a fireman’s pole. Swings around a couple of times so we all get a good look at the underwear she, thankfully, decided to put on that night. Eventually, the bouncers pull her down, not for her own safety but more for the fact she’s turning of the punters. She really should have done a pole dancing class.
7.The Sprinkler
You’ll see at least one person do this on a night out. It can be performed 2 ways. A hand under one elbow with the arms straight before beginning the sprinkler motion like the one in the garden. The other is one hand behind the hand the other arm outstretched. Each are so cringey that you just turn and walk away.
8.The Lasso
You are guilty of doing this at least once in your life. You take out your imaginary whip, swing said imaginary whip over your head. Then throw the imaginary whip and catch someone in your imaginary lasso. The with this imaginary rope pull them towards you. When you actually think about that dance move you can’t help but cringe. If you want to be a cowboy try a line dancing class or something.
9.The Don Juan
This is one for the lads which women, unfortunately, are subjected too. He’ll twist you around, throw you over his arm, he’ll twist and jive and he’ll basically try and classically dance with you in a club. There are no more slow sets in a club. He’ll be as clumsy as they come and as he swings you around ladies all you’ll be thinking…wait you won’t… because the fear of being dropped will be the only thing in your mind.
So if any of these dances moves have touched a nerve then why not avoid these atrocities to dance by organising a dance class on your hen party weekend. It’s a fantastic hen party idea which will work up a sweat but also teach the girls a few new moves to use on the dance floor. We have a huge range of dance classes to choose from like cheerleading and pole dancing class, but make sure to check out our activities page for the full list of hen party dance classes.

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