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Cocktail Making Class

1 Oct 2015
Looking for a hen party activity to suit your group best? Well, you can almost never go wrong with a cocktail making class. A cocktail making class is essentially what it says on the title. You and the group learn how to make cocktails by a trained pro! A cocktail class can take place in virtually any location. All you need is a barman (someone hunky to look at) and alcohol to make a few concoctions.
Most cocktail classes take place in a bar. All the group are then shown how to make some of their favourite cocktails while having a few tastes along the way. At the end of the activity, each lady in the group gets a cocktail. This is a perfect idea for any age group and really gets everyone involved in the activity. Perfect for the groups that are not fans of the great outdoors.
A great way to personalise the activity is to make a cocktail that suits the bride best like a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned. Cocktail making classes are a really affordable hen party activity that everyone will enjoy and will last roughly an hour.
It’s a good idea to do the cocktail making class before you and the group go for your hen party meal. This way all the ladies will be dress in their glad rags and ready to start the night. The atmosphere in the cocktail making class will carry onto the restaurant for the meal and wherever else the night takes you.
Here at we are here to make sure that the planning process for the hen planner is going as smoothly as possible. We take the hard work out of planning a hen party that is sure to be memorable.

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