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Hen Party Decorations

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Hen Party Decorations

Are you planning your bestie's hen? How exciting and what an honour! There is nothing more special than a Bridesmaid Proposal. And to be the perfect bridesmaid you need to think about hen do decorations.

If you are considering a theme it would be best to decide the hen party decoration colour scheme first and go from there. The decorations for hen party can convert a simple space into something unique and special for your bride-to-be. You can make the perfect backdrop for that special group photograph for when we are lucky enough to have our hen parties in real life again.

Zoom Hen Parties

We know the vast majority of hen parties are now taking place online, so hen do decorations such as this "Team Bride" bunting in rose gold, can really jazz up the bride’s screen and make her look and feel extra special, after all, isn’t that what it’s all about. Almost every retailer is offering a delivery service now so why not send the bride a covid safe package with lots of nice goodies for her to decorate with and some little props for her hens night decorations?!

Why have Hen Party Decorations?

Hen party decorations really are a fun necessity for every hen. There are so many reasons why decorations are an important part of every celebration including the hen party you are planning so let’s get into it.

Set the Mood

Hen do decorations can really set the mood of a hen and can make the night all the more memorable for your guests.

We have certainly seen the “KarJenners” setting trends and taking it to the next level for quirky ideas and backdrops so why not do something similar, balloon walls can be easy to execute and can look a million bucks in pics, there are so many easy and fun ideas to be found online so get going!!!

While so many of us have had to take to the virtual world of late, it doesn’t mean you can’t splash out and do something fun for a virtual hen party with decorations. So, why not set a competition for the most unique “zoom window” and offer up a prize for the winner, not only will this ensure that everyone will get involved but it will also make for a fun end of the night for the group, let the bride vote for the winner.

Show the Love!

Every little bit of extra work that the ladies put into the hen party will really show the bride that you all care. After the hellish year that was 2020, now, more than ever it is important to show the bride love and that you are all there for her if she needs a shoulder.

Remember, 2020 took its toll on us all but imagine the crushing feeling many brides had postponing their wedding day. Splash out and show up for the bride to show her you understand and care.

Because They are Fun!

Even with a limited budget, you can do so much, so let’s take a look at some of the decorations you can buy at a reasonable price 😊

A Hen Party Photo Booth Prop set is especially good for both virtual and real-life hens. You can use them for either style party and they are sure to jazz up pics or screen grabs. This is a great idea and is something that the whole group can use on the night.

Hen Party Balloons are a classic and are an absolute must for all hen parties, even the current virtual hen. You can order them online or call your local party supplies company and have some delivered to the bride-to-be. It is a lovely little extra and will make for that all-important Insta pic while popping some bubbly to celebrate and cheer your bride!!!

Makes the Hen Feel Special

Every bride deserves to wear a veil for her hen party so one important buy is a bride-to-be set. Get the bride into her veil and sash and let the good times roll. The Bride is sure to feel extra special and even if it is a virtual hen she should still be dressed up. You can buy some little bits online and have them delivered to her home to make sure she has everything she needs ahead of the night.

Hen Party Decorations
Hen Party Decorations

So, there you have it folks! Never underestimate the power of hen do decorations and the impact that they can have on the overall mood of the night. It shows the bride you care and went the extra mile for her and her guests.

Even if you can’t have one in real life just yet, remember you can make a virtual hen just as special all you need are a few little extra special bits along the way.

Moreover, for an exciting, virtual hen party, Hen Party is the perfect choice! With a wide range of options and great rates, there's so much to love. For more information on hen party decorations, click here to see our wide range of hen party decorations Ireland.

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