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How To Include Your Out Of Town Bridesmaids

In Hen Party Planning Tips 13 Sept 2017
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Times have changed ladies. A few years ago you may have had all your best friends within a short walk or drive from you. Now you may have best friends in different counties, cities or even across the world. As simple as it would be to just pop down to your besties house for a good hen party or wedding planning session, this isn't always possible. So to help all you ladies out here are some simple tips on how to include your out of town bridesmaids!

What's App Group

So chances are you and all your best friends already have a what's app group but do you have a what's app group just for the bridal party. If not set one up now. Whether or not the bridal party are living at home or away this is essential to keep everyone in the loop. What's app is also a brilliant way to share photos with the group. Let's face it everyone has WhatsApp on their phone so this should definitely be step number one! Make sure though to keep the group to just the bridal party. A what's app group with too many people is a CURSE!


Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to hen party and wedding planning ladies! It has every idea under the sun for your last weekend of freedom and the big day. Set up a private Pinterest board for the hen and wedding planning and include all the bridesmaids. This way they can add ideas that they think you'll like to the board and you won't miss a beat! It doesn't cost a thing and is so easy to set up. Just be careful ladies we've lost hours if not days to the Pinterest bubble ;) Be sure to check out our fab Pinterest full of all things hen party!


So you're probably already used to having to use Skype or FaceTime to see your besties face. Skype or Facetime is such a brilliant way to involve them in the hen party and wedding planning! If you are meeting up with the bridesmaids to discuss all things hen party and weddings then include your out of town bridesmaids by video calling them during your meet up. This way they won't fall behind on the plans and it's a great way to just all have a big catch up together! Similarly, if you are going to try wedding dresses with all your bridal party try to skype them along the way or at least send them pics of your faves.

Split the Work

To keep your out of town bridesmaids be sure to give them something to organise along the way. Make sure that it's something that they can do away from home. Sending out the hen party invitation emails could be the perfect job for your out of town bridesmaid. Emails are instant and won't cost a thing to send, even from the other side of the world! Giving the girls away from home a task keeps them involved in all the planning as well as helping to share the load! Ideal!

Arrange the Hen Party for When They're Home

One of the biggest occasions leading up to the wedding is the hen party! The hen party is a rite of passage for every bride-to-be so try and make sure she has all her go-to ladies by her side. Before you start the official planning for the hen party see when the out of town bridesmaid would be able to make it and what location would suit them best. Of course, you accommodate the bride to be first but try to facilitate the out of town bridesmaid too!

We know it can be hard to have out of town bridesmaids ladies but it's so doable! Just be sure to keep them involved the whole way through!

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