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7 Ways to Surprise the Bride to Be on her Hen Party

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So you've done most of the hard work in planning the hen party what's next? Surprising the bride to be of course! Surprising the bride to be is an essential part of the hen party. Whether you go for the big grand gesture or something small, here are our favourite 7 Ways to Surprise the Bride to Be on her Hen Party!

Champagne Lunch

If you are travelling to the hen party why not stop off along the way for a Champagne Lunch/Picnic. This is a great way to toast the bride and make sure that the weekend kicks off with a bang! If you are getting a bus to the hen ask the bus driver to pull over at a nice bar/restaurant or picnic area along the way. Pop a bottle of bubbly and toast the bride to be. Plan in advance and bring some food for the picnic or order some lunch where you stop off. This will definitely make the bride-to-be feel really special.

Advice Notebook

An Advice Notebook is such a simple idea but is absolutely amazing! This idea does take a little bit of work but is totally worth it. Ask all of the married women on the hen to write a note containing advice for the bride to be going into married life! Aunts, Grannies, Mothers, Sisters and Friends, get everyone close to the bride to be that's married involved. It doesn't matter if they are going to the hen or not just present it to the bride to be on her hen. This may bring a few happy tears to the brides eyes so be sure to be prepared ladies!

Cocktail Names

Are you ladies having some cocktails for the hen party? Why not name some after the bride to be? Think 'Bloody Maria' and 'Val on the Beach', just be creative ladies! Cocktails are one of our favourite ways to kick off a night on the town. This idea works great with a cocktail making class as well! To make this idea even better create a menu of the brides favourite cocktails renamed after her.

Memory Box

How about surprising the bride to be with a memory box on her hen? This is a brilliant surprise during or after the hen party! Get a show box and wrap it in wrapping paper or brown paper if you want a rustic feel. Fill the box with tokens of memories you shared together, cinema tickets, boarding passes, photos, anything you can think of. If you want to do this as a group ask each person to donate one thing to the box. Be sure to include some fun things as well, a pic of her with a terrible haircut! If you want to include a few pics of her future hubby. The bride will love this and it really doesn't take that much work to organise!

Daddy's Girl

Our Daddy's Girl idea is one of our absolute favourite ways to surprise the bride to be! Ask the brides father to write a short letter or note to the bride to be explaining why he loves her and wishing her well in her marriage. Read out the letter on the hen party or give it to the bride to read out. Guaranteed that there will be a few happy tears! Or if you'd like record the father of the bride giving his message to his daughter...stunning!

Date Jar

A Date Jar is another winning idea! Get a glass jar and fill it with handwritten ideas of dates for the future bride and groom! Make sure everyone writes their name under the idea so that the bride and groom know who it came from! The bride and groom will never run out of date ideas again. If you want to make it extra special decorate the jar with ribbon and present it to the bride to be on the hen!

Surprise Hen Party

Our last idea on our list of 7 Ways to Surprise the Bride to Be on her Hen Party has to be one of the toughest surprises to pull off but is completely worth it. Why not make the whole hen party weekend a surprise for the bride to be! Don't tell her where you are going, what activity you are doing, the works! If you know the bride well enough chances are you'll get it all perfect! This one takes a little extra effort and planning but when it pays off and you see the look on the brides face it is all so worth it!
So if you're going on a hen party soon why not try one of our 7 Ways to Surprise the Bride to Be on her Hen Party and let the good times roll!

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