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Karting: A Hen Party Activity

22 Jan 2020

So, it’s time to book the Hen party and you’re wondering which activity to do. Well, we’re here to make that decision a bit easier. Let us help by recommending a fantastic activity that’ll have everyone loving their time speeding around the race track at speeds of up to 80kph. That’s pretty fast when the rules of the road don’t apply! There are no lanes to stay in, no proper procedure to overtake someone, no speed limits. As long as the kart can hit the speed then you’re free to go at that speed! Sounds fun right? Well ladies, here’s everything you need to know about Karting: A Hen Party Activity.

It’s a lot of fun as you try to beat all your friends and make sure you stay ahead of them all. But that motivator can also be your downfall. Don’t let the speed get too much to control or you’ll end up spinning out and letting everyone speed past you. With karting, it’s super easy to go from the front of the pack to being last. So remember to use that brake BEFORE the bends. Trust us, it’s been tried and tested!

Karting race tracks can be found all over the country. From Cork to Galway, Kilkenny, Dublin, and more. So you’ll be sure to find a track near your Hen party destination. It makes things so much easier!

So why is karting such a good hen party activity?

Suitable for all ages!

No matter what age you are you’ll be able to have fun with a round of karting. It makes karting even better when the whole group can take part. That means that all of the Bride’s friends and family can have a little race and no lady gets left behind. Well...maybe on the race track they will!

It’s perfectly safe!

With everyone provided with a helmet and a safety briefing before they get to sit into the karts, it ensures everyone is completely safe during the race. And the whole track is surrounded by safety barriers, lights, and also the race will be watched closely by a member of staff. That way, if anything does happen then there’ll be someone to help straight away.

No driving experience needed!

The karts are so simple to drive. With only an accelerator and a brake, you won’t need to worry about changing gears like you would in a car. Simply keep the pedal to the ground, brake when you need to, and turn the wheel to take those corners perfectly. So don’t worry if you’ve never driven a car before. You’ll be able to drive the karts with ease.

One of the best things about karting is that it ensures a lot of laughs will be had afterwards as everyone compares their results to each other. Someone will be crowned Queen of the Karts and they’ll have all the bragging rights. It’ll lead to a lot of teasing for the night ahead.

So ladies, this has been Karting: A Hen Party Activity. If karting sounds like the activity for your group then send us an email now on and we can get your hen party sorted!

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Kate Hyde
Kate Hyde
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