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Our Favourite Unique Hen Party Activities

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Are you looking to try something a bit different for your Hen party? Well, look no further because we’ve come up with a list of our favourite unique Hen Party activities. Let’s see what they are.

The Party Bus

Why not turn your transport into a fun activity? Hiring a Party Bus to bring you and your girls to your destination is a great way to get the party started from the second you leave your home. It’s a fantastic idea! With comfy seats, plenty of legroom, your favourite songs and even a few drinks on the way, the party bus is one of the best ways to travel!

Paint a Nude

This one is perfect for any group of ladies and it brings a lot of giddiness and laughs to the group. You’ll have your own private room with all the artsy items supplied for you. The goal is to capture the figure of the male model by either drawing or painting him. The added bonus is that he’ll be standing in the nude in front of all of you. Even the quiet ones in the group will come out of their shells with how interested they are in this activity.


Remember when we were kids and we’d lie on our sides and roll down a grassy hill? Well zorbing is the adult version of that! You put yourself inside a giant bubble, and that giant bubble gets pushed down a big hill...with you inside. It’s great fun because you feel the inertia of rolling down the hill but you won’t feel any bumps or bangs while you’re inside the bubble. So it’s completely safe and lots of fun, ladies!

Ann Summers Party

Everyone has either shopped in Ann Summers or at least heard of it. You’ll know enough about Ann Summers to know that an Ann Summers party is a little different from other types of parties. Browse some sexy lingerie and the range of sex toys all while playing games. Don’t be shy, ladies. It’s a fantastic time and will make the group giddy with everyone having fun.

Mystery Dining Tour

Ever wanted to spontaneously let someone else choose a place for you to eat? Well with a Mystery Dining Tour that’s exactly what happens. A tour provider will choose a destination for your Hen party meal and it’ll be a secret until you arrive. It’s a great way to try a new place or to try a new type of food. Superb!

So there you have it ladies. These are our favourite unique Hen party Activities and they’re all great ways to make the hen party the best it can be. Try one for your hen party and you won’t be disappointed!

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Kate Hyde
Kate Hyde
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