Hen Party Activity: Escape Rooms!

26 Dec 2019

An Escape Room is a fun activity that will bring the whole group together and it offers a challenge where teamwork is needed. It will also guarantee a lot of fun. An Escape Room would be the perfect thing for you and your group if you’re the kind of ladies that love to solve puzzles and figure things out. It’s all in the name…you have to figure out how to escape from the room.

The group will be split up as you try to escape the room within a 60-minute time limit. The time limit adds an extra level of pressure to make the game even trickier. The group will have great fun in an Escape Room and it’ll be a fantastic experience. You’ll have to try to stay calm as you get through a number of different puzzles in order to get out of the room as quickly as possible. So what are you waiting for?

Escape Rooms are such a great hen party activity and will be a lot of fun for everyone. It’s a brain exercise that will require a lot of quick thinking. So let’s find out everything you need to know about them. This is our guide on Escape Rooms!

  • It’s all about teamwork!

If some of the ladies in your group have never met before then an Escape Room is the perfect activity for them. It’ll quickly get them bonding as they try to complete the puzzles and challenges in order to get out of the room quicker.

  • So many themes to choose from.

When choosing your Escape Room, you’ll have a wide range of options for the theme of the room. Each place has its own group of themes. Research some of the themes available in your area and choose the perfect theme for your hen party.

  • The Escape Room Theme can double up as the Hen Theme.

Why not get creative and use the theme you choose for the Escape Room as your Hen Party Theme? If you’re doing a spy-themed Escape Room then you could all dress up as a group of secret agents. The more creative you get, the more it could all fit together.

  • Escape Rooms are great for groups of all sizes.

No matter the size of the group, Escape Rooms will work really well for all groups. It’s not a problem if you have more than 6 ladies in the group. The group will just be split into teams. This will also add to the competition as you’ll all band together to make your team get out faster than the other teams.

  • The time limit adds even more fun!

The Escape Room is great fun because of the competition when trying to get out. Whether you want to be out before the other team or before the time limit is up, it’s great excitement.

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