Our Top 5 Wedding Surprises

20 Nov 2019

Are you and your future hubby thinking about doing something that isn’t usually done at a wedding? Are you stuck for ideas on what you could do that could really give your guests something to remember? If those questions apply to you and you want to really surprise everyone at the wedding with something great then carry on reading because we’ve made a list of our favourite wedding surprises so let’s get to it!

Here are Our Top 5 Wedding Surprises.

  1. Organise a Photobooth

After the wedding ceremony is finished, the bride, groom and their bridal party all head away to get their wedding photography done. The guests are left to head to the reception area and are often sitting around for an hour or two. The perfect way to surprise everyone and add a bit of entertainment while they wait is to organise a photo booth to be ready to go when everyone arrives at the reception area. They can get their own little wedding photoshoot done as they don wigs and accessories to get some funny pictures taken. It buys you some time for your own photos and keeps everyone entertained in the process.

  1. Choreographed Dance with the Hubby

We’ve all seen at least one of those viral videos online that show the bride and groom putting on a show for their guests and most of the time it’s a complete surprise that goes down really well. All you need to do is learn a dance routine to an upbeat song, and you can even enlist professional help in putting a routine together if you want to. It’s a great idea because it could slot in nicely as the First Dance and nobody would suspect a thing!

  1. Wedding Toppers That Look Like You

Want to have a funny surprise that will ensure plenty of pictures of the wedding cake will be taken? Get some personalised wedding cake toppers made in you and your hubby’s likeness and place them proudly on top of the cake. To make it even better, you could get the toppers to be posed in a funny way.

  1. Choreographed Dance with the Bridesmaids

Much like the dance with the hubby, this one requires you and your bridesmaids to learn a dance routine and put on a performance for your guests. Keep the groom in the dark and it’ll be a great surprise for him to see you bust some moves on the wedding night. Just be ready for lots of photos and videos to be taken!

  1. Arrange a Sweet Table

Who doesn’t love a bag of pick’n’mix? The guests with a sweet tooth will absolutely love this surprise. All you need is a long table, some large jars for holding the sweets, some tongs, bags, and maybe some decorations for the table to make it stand out in the room. Fill the jars with some of the most popular sweets and you’re onto a winner!

Breakaway from the traditional routine of a wedding with one of these surprises and your guests will never forget it! Get creative and make these ideas your own to add your own personal spin on things. The possibilities are endless!

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