Reasons to Have a Winter Hen Party

10 Nov 2017
Winter has well and truly arrived and to be honest ladies we're delighted about it. Oversized jumpers, fluffy socks and of course the cosy fire are just a few of the reasons we love this season more than others! Of course, who can forget Christmas in winter, everyone is happy, home and just loving life! So here are the reasons to have a winter hen party!

Home for Christmas

Unfortunately, we all have friends across the pond or living far away that we don't get to see as often as we'd hope. Having your hen party in winter and around Christmas gives you a brilliant chance of getting everyone you want to present at the big weekend. It doesn't guarantee it but let's face it most people love to be home for Christmas so your just giving them another reason to come back!


Around Winter lets face it everything looks stunning. Christmas lights and decorations are all up and will make for the best photos. Just think of the fairy lights ladies! All these decorations just make everything a little nicer and will give everyone that warm Christmas feeling ;)

Sparkles and Glitter

Who doesn't love a bit of glitz and glam eh ladies? When you have a Winter Hen Party it's the perfect time to break out that sparkle dress and paint the town red! If you want to arrange for the bride to be to wear sparkles and the rest of the group black or red, that way she stands out and you all fit with the Winter theme perfectly!

Activities with a Difference

Sure there are probably a few more activities available to you during other times of the year but by having a Winter Hen Party you're open to a new world of possibilities! Activities like Ice Skating, Skiing and so much more are just a few activities that work amazingly for a Winter Hen Party. A cocktail class is always amazing in Winter too, just think of the possibilities!

We'd love to hear all your reasons to have a winter hen party!

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