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Stress Free Hen Party

In Hen Party Planning Tips 16 Aug 2016
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Girls, don't we all want a Stress Free Hen Party. In order to host a successful hen party, you need to be prepared. Let us at help you be prepared to host a party to remember.
The week of
The week of the hen party should be spent finalising the menu of the party, the venue and creating a shopping list. A quick reminder email for guests will be a good idea. This will also be a great chance to check if people need directions or have any particular dietary needs.
Day before
Get the majority of your shopping finished the day before. This may be a big task if you are hosting the party in your own home so make sure you have plenty of time to pick everything up.
Night before
Get the meal prep underway the night before. Do all the chopping and peeling so the small tasks are ready to go. Any deserts should be made the night before also. If possible begin decorating the area now to save you time on the day. Items such as bunting can be hung as they won't get in the way during prep.
Day of
Pick up any last-minute ingredients or fresh items you need in the morning. For example fresh fish or maybe a flower arrangement. Complete the final touches to deserts such as adding icing or fresh fruit to cakes. If you are cooking for the party make sure you begin early to avoid any last-minute stress. A good tip is to cook each meal in the order that it is being served. This will keep the food fresh and warm for when its time to dig in. While the food is cooking add the final decor touches such as laying out cutlery and glasses. Complete a quick clean up before guests arrive to ensure the place is spotless.
Now it is time to (try and) relax. All the hard work is done!

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