Top Three Hen Party Looks

28 Jan 2019
There are a million ways to celebrate a hen party! If you are hitting the town for a night of dancing or planning one of many hen party themes! What to wear is the question. Check out our top three Hen Party looks!

Classic black and white

A really classy way to signify that your group is out for a hen party is to dress the bride-to-be in white, and the rest of the girls in black! Your gang will love this idea! Black is so flattering that it takes up about 60% or more of our going out wardrobes! Your friends will have the option of wearing black skinny jeans and boots or breaking out the LBD.

Black is so easy to accessorise with too. Your friends will be spoiled for choice and look their best. As for the bride-to-be, there are a million white dresses she is probably pouring over at the moment trying to pick the right one! You would be surprised how many she is spotting that would be perfect for a night like this! In between a wedding dress and a clubbing dress, there are hundreds of beautiful white dresses to choose from!

Irish Hen Party

This theme is especially popular for parties that are leaving Ireland to celebrate somewhere new! I think we all know that the key here is wear a lot of, you guessed it, green! Show off where you are from and be the gang of Irish girls that are charming this new place. Throw on some cute T-Shirts with shamrocks on them.

Maybe make it quirky with some queen lipstick! Request some Irish dancing music in the pub and try remember how to do that jig! There are plenty of ways to accessorise. Stock up on leprechaun hats and green beaded necklaces! Take kiss me I am Irish to the next level. Really go for it!


Think Pink! The name of this look speaks for itself. The signature colour of all hen nights is here is full swing. Pink, everything, pink! Make sure everyone gets the memo! If your soon to be wed friend is anything of a girly girl this will be the perfect way to celebrate that. Make sure you and your friends dress head to toe in pink! Maybe pass around a few pink feather boas?!

Make sure to bring a couple of spares for people you meet who want to join your party. Everyone will want to be part of the pinkest party ever! Definitely throw a few pink confetti cannons into your bag. Make your gang of pink ladies pop!
These hen party looks will not fail to create the perfect party atmosphere! Plan a night that you will never forget! Looking for more ideas for Hen Party themes?! Check them out here!
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