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Our Top 5 Hen Party Fancy Dress Themes

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Dressing up on a hen party has been a very popular tradition for a long time now and it still proves to be a great idea to add a lot of fun and laughter to the night. So let’s keep that tradition alive, ladies! Here are our top 5 fancy dress themes for a hen party.

1. Policewomen

Put on your authoritative faces for this one because you and the girls are going to join the police force for the night. Accessorised with batons and handcuffs (which might come in handy at some point in the future), it’ll turn some heads when all of you rock up in the bars and it’ll lead to some great fun and you’ll all be looking sexy in the process!

2. Burlesque

Carry the sexy over to this one because burlesque is the epitome of sexiness. Do your finest winged eyeliner and wear some colourful lippie, then pull up your thigh high stockings, lace up your corset and get ready for some antics to unfold as the night goes on. Equipped with elbow-length gloves and frilly hats, all eyes will be on your group and the pubs and clubs will be getting pretty steamy when you and your girls walk in!

3. Grannies

The granny theme will leave you looking sweet and innocent when the group arrives, but it’ll have the whole place laughing when the beat drops and you pull off some of your best moves on the dance floor. Some greying wigs, fake glasses, a nice cardigan, full-length skirt and some slip-on shoes with knee-length stockings will be the perfect outfit. A group of Agnes Browns together is sure to leave everybody around in stitches from start to finish!

4. Cheerleaders

Gimme a H, Gimme an E, Gimme an N! Perfect for the Hens that are full of energy and charisma and know-how to get everyone’s attention. Wear your best cheerleading dress, shake your pom-poms to the music, bring the energy and make everyone wish they were part of your group!

5. Guess the Character

When you can’t decide on a set theme, letting people choose for themselves can be the best idea for the hen party. Whether they want to mash something together to symbolise a character or go straight forward and copy the character’s style, guess who they are can be great fun and can add some great icebreakers to help the group to mingle together more. Just remember; only the bride to be can dress up as a bride!

These are our top 5 fancy dress themes for a hen party. Choose one of these ideas and your hen party will be great fun and will help to bring everyone together. If the bride to be is dressing up the same way as everyone else, then a simple sash around her can make her stand out from everyone else and make it known to everybody around that the party is for her.

Kate Hyde
Kate Hyde
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