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What to Bring to a Hen Party?

In Hen Party Planning Tips 16 Dec 2019

So we guess you’re here because you’ve been asked to come along on a hen party and it’s your first time. Understandably you’re not sure what you should pack and bring with you and that’s where we come in. Let us help you by giving you this guide to use as a sort of checklist.

Here’s our list of what to bring with you on a hen party:

1. Makeup and Wipes

An absolute essential and not to be forgotten. With so many types of makeup and extras included in the makeup bag, we think it should have it's own mini here it is!

  • concealer
  • foundation
  • eyeliner and brush
  • eyeshadow and brush
  • blusher and brush
  • mascara
  • lipstick
  • powder brush
  • lip balm
  • and a tweezers

And finally, after putting all of this on for the night ahead, you’re going to need some wipes to take it all off again. The things we do, eh…?

2. Sunglasses

Not only to protect your eyes from the sun but to protect others from seeing your eyes the next day. The perfect way to disguise a hangover and to stop the brightness from aggravating the pain even more!

3. Spare Clothing

You know how it is, ladies! We can never have too many clothes with us. We have got to be ready for any sudden changes in the plan, any weather changes, etc. It's better to be safe than sorry, am I right?

4. The Survival Kit

This one also has its own little mini checklist:

  • chewing gum for some fresh breath
  • teabags because we all like a nice cuppa
  • a straw to avoid smudging your lippie
  • plasters after dancing the night away
  • paracetamol for the headache
  • water for the morning after

This little kit could come in very handy and could even be given as a nice little gift to the other ladies attending the party.

5. Phone and Charger

Another necessity! You don’t want to get separated from the rest of the girls and find that your phone has gone dead. Plan ahead and make sure it’s got a full charge to avoid any problems or stress as the night goes on.

6. Passport and Travel Insurance Details

This is only necessary if you and your girls are travelling abroad, but they’re definitely the most important things to remember if that’s the case. Pack them both away safely in their own pocket in your bag.

7. Toiletries

We’re sure it’s always at the top of your list of things to bring, but it won’t hurt to put it here anyway. Deodorant, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste. We have to keep on top of our hygiene.

This is why lads wonder why our bags are always so full…

We hope this list helps you to be prepared for the trip away, ladies, and if this is your first hen party we hope you enjoy it from start to finish and make some great memories with the girls.

Kate Hyde
Kate Hyde
Kate, originally from Cork, founded in 2008 in her spare bedroom in Waterford. Since then, the company has grown to 6 websites in our group across 4 countries. Kate is an expert on hen party and stag party planning and organisation and is even the author of a book on the topic - “How to Hen Party - the Essential Guide” (Currach Press).
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Geraldine is our hen party guru! Calmly ruling the roost and knowing every hen hotspot across Ireland. In her spare time, Geraldine likes to read, walk and spend time with family and friends. She’s also recently been rediscovering her love for cross stitch!
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