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5 ways to give the Bride has the best Hen ever

In Hen Party Planning Tips 17 May 2021
Bride the Best Hen

5 ways to give the Bride has the best hen ever

Are you in charge of planning the Hen Party? This can be a big job and pretty daunting for some Maids of Honour. Although this isn’t the bride’s big day, it is still so important to her. It’s going to be the only day before the wedding where she doesn’t have to stress or worry. The last time she can hang out with her friends without having to worry about the old ball and chain. Here are the 5 tips to ensure it is a great time for the Bride at her Hen.

1. Let her have a say

Let’s start with tip 1. Make sure you talk to the bride before planning her Hen Party. Even though you are the planner, it is still the bride’s night. She is going to want to have a little say with what is going on. Of course, she shouldn’t be planning the whole thing. After all, that is your job! Yet she should not be left out in the dark with what is going on.

2. No surprises

On that note, there shouldn’t be any big surprises. I’m taking about things as a Bride I would not want on my Hen. I’m sure she has talked about her Hen Party before. Use those details to plan it. As I said earlier, by talking to her you will get an idea of what she wants. This way she will enjoy the night instead of being stressed about anything that may happen that she wasn’t expecting. For example, an extended guest list. It should be her friends not yours. Or something like a day on a farm when she is a city girl.

3. Make it about her

Which leads me to tip 3, make it about her! That is because it is her time to shine. A Hen party is meant to celebrate her. This can also tie into tip two. Make sure no one else shares any big news. It must be clear to everyone it is the Bride’s night, and all eyes should be on her and what she wants at the Hen.

4. Not all about partying

When Hen party comes to mind, I am sure you think partying, strippers and alcohol. Not every Hen Party is like that. Some brides’ just want to stay in or have a spa night. Have the chats with the girls, or plan the details of the wedding. You you already know the Bride really well so you’ll know what she really wants out of her Hen Party.

5. Bring on the Fun!

Last but not least, the fun. If you’re staying in or going out no matter what, fun should be there! Hen Parties are a time to have fun and let loose. Think about what makes the Bride laugh. Think about ways to make her giggle and feel special. Have some props and accessories to have a laugh.

Listening to these 5 tips will allow you give the Bride the best Hen ever. Well, before the wedding, clearly ;0) Hosting the Hen Party is a big job. Following this tips can only help give the Bride a fun Hen night that she can always look back at in years to come.

Kate Hyde
Kate Hyde
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