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Activities for Your 2018 Hen Party

9 Jan 2018
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Planning a hen party for the 2018 ladies? Don't stress at we're here to help in every way we can. The big struggle for a lot of groups is to figure out the perfect activity for the bride to be and all her hens. Should you go for something active that builds up a sweat or something chilled or anything else in between. To help you organise a weekend to remember here are a just a few potential activities for your 2018 hen party!

Prosecco Van

The Prosecco Van only arrived late in 2017 to all our packages nationwide but is already a massive hit! We have so many people booking this for their 2018 hen party already. The best thing about the Prosecco Van is that it comes to you wherever you are in the country. Whether you're out on the Aran Islands or on the main Island the Prosecco Van can come to you. It's great as well if you are having a self-catering hen party for that extra added touch of class. A guaranteed hit for every bride to be and hen party!

Male Strip Show

If the bride to be has a bit of a cheeky side then a Male Strip Show could be the perfect option for her. Whether you are off to the UK or are staying in Ireland we have this option available in both! A Male Strip Show adds a bit of excitement to the hen party. This activity is also brilliant if the bride to be would be too shy for a stripper, this way she gets all the benefits without having the spotlight on her for the whole thing!

Dance Class

A Dance Class is a classic when it comes to hen party activities but it is always a firm favourite. There are so many different dance classes available for you to choose from. If she loves Beyonce why not try Single Ladies, if she was a true MJ fan why not give Thriller a go or try one of the huge range of dance styles including Salsa, Hip Hop, Pole and so much more! A dance class is a brilliant way to work up a bit of thirst before the big night and is sure to give you a few killer moves for the club!

Foodie Tour

If the bride-to-be loves food (and let's face it who doesn't) than a Foodie Tour could be the perfect hen party activity for her. This activity combines amazing food and restaurants around your hen party location with a whole lot of fun. Who needs a regular dinner when you could go on a Foodie Tour instead! We predict this activity is going to be a sell-out for 2018 so be sure to enquire early ladies.

Old School Sports Day

The Old School Sports Day was new to our activities in 2017 as well but is one we highly recommend! Bring back the good old days by competing against the rest of the hen party in Old School Sports Day activities. Think of egg and spoon and three-legged races ladies. An absolutely hilarious way to spend the hen party before your big night on the town!
Geraldine McGrath
Geraldine is our hen party guru! Calmly ruling the roost and knowing every hen hotspot across Ireland. In her spare time, Geraldine likes to read, walk and spend time with family and friends. She’s also recently been rediscovering her love for cross stitch!
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