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Ask Claire; Small and Intimate Hen Party

This week’s query comes in from Jesse, the bride to be. Jesse and her fiancé James are planning a small intimate wedding, just family and really close friends for next year. Jesse wants to have a hen party but doesn’t want the big fuss surrounding it.

“Hi Claire, my name is Jesse, I’m getting married next year to James…I can’t wait! James and I are planning a small intimate ceremony and reception with only our nearest and dearest, neither of us wants the big party. I want my hen party to be the same, just me and my closest friends and sisters, I know they have already started planning a big weekend. How do I tell them I just want something small without sounding ungrateful?”

Claire's Advice
Hi Jesse, thanks so much for the great question.

Your friends and sisters that are planning the hen party will know you best, just be upfront and honest they will know that you are not being ungrateful but just telling them what you actually want. To be honest they’ll probably be happy getting a few insider tips!

Make sure that you talk to the girls soon, the last thing that you want is for them to have everything booked, organised and payed for only having to go and cancel it all and possibly lose out on some money in the process.

Be sure to give the girls a guest list as well of people you want to be there for your big weekend away, this is always a great idea for a hen party that way no one is forgotten about and everyone you want to be there will be there.

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