Ask Claire; Mother in Law Drama

14 Nov 2016
This week’s query comes in Jenny who’s the bride to be and already had her hen party

“Hi Claire, my name is Jenny and my hen party was nearly 2 weeks ago now. We had a great time up until the pub. I had a few drinks and my mother in law was there. I’ve always got on quite well with her but I think I may have drunk one too many cocktails and put my foot in it. The next morning, she was as cold as ice to me and I haven’t talked properly to her since. I honestly can’t remember what I did and my fiancée has tried to find out but she won’t tell him. What do I do, the wedding is in a month and I really can’t get off to a bad start with the in-laws? “

Claire's Advice
Hi Jenny, thanks so much for the email.

It sounds like you and your MOL (mother in law) had a good relationship before so I can see no reason why you can’t have that again.

Chances are that what you’ve done isn’t anything to be too concerned about but maybe she is just looking for an apology to smooth things over. If it was anything really bad the rest of the girls would more than likely have picked up on it.

You need to have a sit down with your MOL and talk to her, explain that as it was your hen party you let loose and subsequently can’t remember what happened between you two but that you want to set things straight.

She probably wants the exact same thing so try not to worry.

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