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The Roles of the Bridesmaids

The role of the bridesmaid is a very important honour to be chosen for. You’ve been hand-selected by the bride to be one of her most trusted ladies on the day of her wedding and that’s something to feel very proud of.

But what exactly comes along with the role of being a bridesmaid? Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of duties that the best bridesmaids adhere to in order to ensure they do a great job!

So buckle up because here is our list of the Roles of the Bridesmaids.

1. Help with the hen party plans

The maid of honour is just one woman. Help her out with the hen party planning by offering ideas and suggesting places to go to.

2. Offer any help that you can

Be as helpful as possible with anything that comes up. Keep checking in with the bride and groom to make sure that everything is going well and see if they need a hand with any of the many little things that come with the wedding planning.

3. Be available for all dress fittings

The dresses can be a nightmare when it comes to ordering the right sizes, the time it takes for delivery, alterations, etc, so it’s important to be there when needed for the fittings.

4. Be supportive of the bride

One of the key roles of being a bridesmaid is to be there for the bride. Be supportive and encouraging while you make her feel as comfortable as possible. Wedding planning can be pretty stressful and sometimes she’s going to need her girls by her side.

5. Sort the pre-wedding pampering sessions

The nails, makeup, tans, waxes and facials all need to be booked well in advance of the wedding to ensure availability so help the bride with planning those out.

6. Attend the wedding rehearsals

The rehearsals are when everyone figures out what they’re meant to be doing on the day of the wedding and it is not to be missed!

7. Help the bride get into the dress

Wedding dresses aren’t the easiest things to get into so the bride might need a helping hand on the morning of the wedding to get into her dress.

8. Help the bride get around

Not only are wedding dresses awkward to get in and out of, but they can also be awkward to get around in. Simple things like getting in and out of cars or even going up steps can be a task in a wedding dress so help her out where you can.

9. Carry emergency makeup and accessories

This one will not only help the bride but will help you too. Ladies, we all need a top-up every now and then, and on the wedding day, which is a really long day, you could be a lifesaver for the bride when you come to her rescue with a makeup touch up.

All of these roles together add up to you being the most suitable bridesmaid you can be and will ensure you live up to the honour of being chosen. Follow these simple tips and you won’t let your girl down!

Kate Hyde
Kate Hyde
Kate, originally from Cork, founded in 2008 in her spare bedroom in Waterford. Since then, the company has grown to 6 websites in our group across 4 countries. Kate is an expert on hen party and stag party planning and organisation and is even the author of a book on the topic - “How to Hen Party - the Essential Guide” (Currach Press).
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