Bubble Soccer for a Hen Activity

5 Feb 2020

Searching for a fun activity that keeps you active but also brings a lot of laughs to the group? Well, we’ve got the perfect activity for you! Bubble Soccer is a hilarious Hen Party activity that’ll have you sore from laughing. A lot of girls might hear “soccer” and shut it down but let us tell you why this activity is great fun for anyone. Whether you’re a soccer fan or maybe you’re not a fan of any sports, you’ll absolutely love Bubble Soccer!

The idea behind Bubble Soccer is really simple! It’s basically a game of soccer in that you run around a field, pass the ball between your team and try to score goals. The only difference is that you’re inside a giant bubble with just your legs hanging out. It’s a great activity that’s actually really popular among hen parties.

From the absolute comedy that ensues during Bubble Soccer to the fun you’ll have when the competition kicks in, Bubble Soccer is a fantastic choice as a Hen party activity. You’ll thoroughly enjoy your time while taking part. So let’s get into more detail on why you’d absolutely love Bubble Soccer as a Hen Party activity.

Bubble Soccer Is Absolutely Hilarious

We’ve never heard of anyone saying it wasn’t funny. From the laughter that ensues watching everyone fall over after a bump, to the stunts people try knowing they won’t get hurt. People can literally fly through the air and plough into a friend. Both will fall to the floor in a hilarious fashion. And the best part is that nobody will feel a thing apart from the possible dizziness that comes from rolling around after falling.

It’s Easy To Play

Whether you’ve played soccer in the past or not, it doesn’t matter. You’ll have great fun playing Bubble Soccer. Anyone can play! All you have to do is slide into your bubble (only your legs will be out), run around and kick the ball into the goal. And that’s only if you get a chance to even touch the ball. You’ll be on the ground more than you’ll be standing!

Bubble Soccer Helps The Group Bond

If there are ladies in the group that have never met before then Bubble Soccer will get them well acquainted by the end of it. They’ll be bumping into each other and laughing with each other throughout. The closer they get the more fun they’ll have.

You Might Get Really Competitive

You might’ve never been in a sports setting before, so you may not know how you react in that situation. We’ve found that the ladies who hear “soccer” and get turned off are often the ones that have the most fun during this fab activity. So ladies, don’t be afraid to give it a shot. You might surprise yourselves with how much you’ll love it.

This has been our guide to Bubble Soccer. If it sounds like the activity you want for your hen party then email us now on and we can get your hen party booked.

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