Our Top Activities for a 2020 Hen

3 Feb 2020

Are you trying to find the perfect hen party activity to suit your group? Allow us to help! Here are some of the top activities that the team behind absolutely love! So, let’s find out what they are.

Escape Rooms

How do you like mental challenges and puzzles? Well, Escape Rooms is one of our top activities. It will put your mental abilities to the test! With an hour set on the clock, you’ve got to use your brains and cunning to escape the room as quickly as possible. So if you know someone that’s good with riddles, then make sure she’s on your team! With a number of themed rooms available, you can even match the theme and do a fancy dress Hen! This is a fantastic activity, ladies!

Afternoon Tea

How does a fancy hen sound to you? Well, you can’t get much fancier than afternoon tea. Feast on some delicious cakes and pastries as well as the best gourmet sandwiches. Afternoon tea is the perfect mix of sweet and savoury so there will be something for everyone. To top it off you’ll have all the tea and coffee you can consume. You might even find an afternoon tea with something a little stronger on the menu if you know what we mean ladies...

The Cube

Ladies, we’ve all seen or heard of The Cube. It’s that TV show where contestants enter a cube and complete physical and mental challenges usually with either a timer or a difficult situation added in. Well, how does a hen party version of The Cube sound? Yep, you can compete in your own little challenge. But how does that work in a group setting? Well, you’ll face off with another guest in a head to head situation and whoever completes the task first wins. It’s great fun! So, have YOU got what it takes?

CSI: Save The Groom

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a detective? Well, now you can! With CSI: Save The Groom, you’ll be tasked with finding the missing groom. You’ll meet with a Garda who’ll brief you on what happened, and you’ll be tasked to split up into teams and figure out the clues that you’ll have to find scattered around the town or city you’re in. So it’s a great way to see more of your hen party location.

Paint A Nude

Ever wanted to be a part of the art scene? Have you just not found the right incentive? Well, how does painting a nude man sound? You’ll be kitted out with all the supplies you need to either draw or paint the male model standing in front of you. But he’ll be standing there in the buff. So keep concentrating on the task at hand ladies!

So ladies, these have been some of our top activities that the team absolutely loves. If any of them tickle your fancy then feel free to send us an email on and we can get it booked.

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