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DIY Ideas for Your Hen Party

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We just love everything to do with hen parties. From choosing the destination and activity to planning the little surprises for the bride on the big weekend. One thing we absolutely love is all the DIY touches you can add to the hen party to make it unique and perfectly suited to the for the bride to be. Here are just a few of our favourite DIY ideas for Your Hen Party!

Survival Kit/Goody Bag

A survival kit is such a brilliant idea for a hen party! Surprise all the girls with a survival kit. Fill a box or bag with all the essentials, paracetamol, face wipes, nail polish, water and chewing gum! Label each to make them personalised for each of the girls and some ribbon. Or if you'd prefer just make one for the bride, fill it with all the same things plus a small bottle of brandy (to settle the nerves) and a picture of her fiance! She'll love it! Or why not just make a goody bag for each of the girls, put a nail polish, hen party sash, a badge, a name tag and anything else you can think of. These are so easy to create yourself but will leave a lasting impression.

Name Tags/Place Settings

Chances are that if you're going on a hen party you won't know everyone going, so why not make name tags for each of the girls. Create them to match the theme, if you are having a vintage theme why not have hessian badges and so on so on. This is a great way for all the girls to get talking and kick off the night. Another spin on this is to create personalised place settings, perfect for the hen party meal. Another really simple idea but a great one!

Photo Collage

There are so many nice ideas out there that you can do yourself and one of our favourites has to be a photo collage. Get all the girls involved and get them to send you pics of them with the bride to be. Combine all the photos to create a collage and frame it for the bride to be. Get all the group to sign the back, or leave a message if there's enough room and present it to the bride at dinner or just before you go out. This takes a little bit of organising to make sure that you get a photo of everyone included but is an amazing surprise for the bride to be on her big weekend!

Drink Station

Another DIY idea that we love is a Drink Station especially if you are organising a self-catering hen. Set up a table inside or outside if the weather is nice and fill it with ingredients for cocktails or for pimp your prosecco. All the ladies will have the opportunity to make their own drinks as they like them and it is a fun little activity for all the group. To make it even better print out some recipes so the girls know how much of each ingredient to add and name each after the bride to be. LOVE it!


A really great DIY that we absolutely love is creating some sort of memento for all the group to bring home from the hen to remember the amazing weekend. Something simple like creating friendship bracelets or giving each of the girls a framed group photo from the weekend. This idea is so sweet and will really make sure that the weekend is one that is remembered.

Memory Jar/Balloon Messages

Let's face it, the hen party is all about reminiscing on good times and looking forward to the future. A great way to look back at all the old memories is with a Memory Jar. Take a glass jar and decorate it with some ribbon. Get each of the ladies going on the hen party to add a memory that they shared with the bride to it. Present this to the bride to be before or after dinner. A fab surprise she'll love! A Balloon Message is a great way to look forward to the future. Each of the girls takes an air-filled balloon and writes a message to the bride on it. Not only are these a lovely nice idea but they make for brilliant decorations too.

Creating things for your hen party is such an amazing way to make it unique and personalised for the bride! DIY doesn't mean that you have to spend forever making different thing. DIY can be simple and quick but will leave a lasting effect. If you have any more DIY ideas for your hen party ladies we'd love to hear all about them, just let us know!

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