Easter Hen Party

27 Mar 2019
Throwing your hen party at Easter? We think we speak for everyone when saying it would be a sin not to make use of some obvious puns that would lend themselves to this special time. Gather up your classy clucking Hens for a literal hen party!
The shops are filled with eggs. Chocolate eggs, decorative eggs, egg-themed wreaths and more. Get in on that action! Select only the finest and most sophisticated egg-themed decorations to create the perfect ‘Hen’ party atmosphere. Those cute little furry chicks would make the perfect cupcake decorations.
Take this theme to the next level by giving your guests some hilarious cardboard beak masks. Make masks that can be attached using an elastic string. The pictures will make you laugh every time you look at them! Think of how much you and your fellow hens will laugh when you embark on that all-important Easter egg hunt. Maybe organise a chocolate making workshop!? Everyone loves chocolate and this activity is super easy and fun! You will be master chocolatiers by the end.
Gather all of your chicks in a line and throw a literal ‘Hen’ party to remember! Get creative and think of the millions of ways you can inject that Easter egg theme into your hen party. Don’t forget those party favour bags with a decorative Easter egg in each for your guests to take home. Write a cute thank you note on this egg and they will cherish it forever.
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