5 totally unique Hen Party invitation ideas

22 Mar 2019
Do you have a super exciting and sophisticated hen party planned? Invite those lucky guests with some extra special invitations! This is a great way to set the tone for the whole event and get everyone ready to celebrate. These 5 totally unique Hen Party invitation ideas will get the ball rolling.

Wax Seal

Sealing envelopes with wax has become extremely trendy. There is a lot of wax made specifically for this, made in gorgeous marbled or metallic colours. You can also get personalised wax stamps.


There is nothing more sentimental than a handwritten note or letter. Your hen party guests will adore this personal touch. If you have nice handwriting or are interested in calligraphy - all the better!

Trinket Box

Instead of sending an envelope containing an invitation, maybe send a small box containing a trinket. It could contain a personalised wrist band for all of the hens to wear at the party along with the details of the party printed on the inside of the lid.


Never underestimate the popularity of origami. Origami is a creative and unique element to add to your invitations. The invitations could fold out to reveal a floral shape or show the information in an interesting way.


Fill that envelope with a small amount of glitter or confetti that can fall out once the guest opens it. This added touch of sparkle will make any invitation a bit more glamorous.
So send out those gorgeous invitations and get ready for the hen party of your dreams! The excitement will be sure to build once your guests each receive their beautiful invitations.
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