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Top 3 Reasons why you should book a Hen Party Bootcamp Adventure

Top 3 Reasons why you should book a Hen Party Bootcamp Adventure png
Hen parties are a wonderful way to gather everyone together and celebrate that upcoming big day! Have you ever wondered how you would get on at Bootcamp!? Are you into sports and a bit athletic, or do you just like having a laugh with your pals? Book a bootcamp adventure for your Hen Party and try out something different!

1. Outdoors

Spring is here and Summer is only around the corner. Gather your gal pals and breath in some of that sweet fresh air. We all know that being outdoors is great for your health! Getting that circulation going and getting your heart rate up has amazing health benefits.

2. Exercise releases endorphins

What better way to bond with your gang than by engaging in some sporty exercise?! Exercise releases chemicals called endorphins that make you feel happy. Ride that high! Boost the energy at that hen party!

3. Accomplishment

It really boosts your sense of accomplishment to have completed activities like tug o war, high wall climbing and tight rope walking. You and your closest friends will share a sense of achievement. Wait until you tell the other guests at the wedding what you were all up to!
There you go! Three solid reasons to book a Bootcamp adventure for your Hen Party weekend. Totally unique and guaranteed to be heaps of fun, this hen party activity will be one that you never forget. So, break out the runners and throw your hair into some french plaits - it’s bootcamp time!
Kate Hyde
Kate Hyde
Kate, originally from Cork, founded in 2008 in her spare bedroom in Waterford. Since then, the company has grown to 6 websites in our group across 4 countries. Kate is an expert on hen party and stag party planning and organisation and is even the author of a book on the topic - “How to Hen Party - the Essential Guide” (Currach Press).
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