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Halloween Hen Party

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Along with Christmas Halloween is definitely one of our favourite times of the year! So if you are having a Halloween Hen Party here's everything you need to make sure it's one to remember! From the drinks and nibbles on the night to what to wear we've got it all covered!

Fancy Dress

Take advantage of this holiday and dress up for the hen party. Making the hen party fancy dress adds a little more fun to the weekend. A really good idea is for the bride to be to dress as the Bride to Frankenstein or the Corpse Bride! Get a long white dress from a second-hand shop or something not too expensive and let the makeup do most of the work. There are so many Halloween make up tutorials out there which will make things that little bit easier as well! To make sure the bride stands out from the crowd the rest of the group could dress in the same costume. Maybe guests at the Bride to Frankenstein/the Corpse Bride's wedding day!


Decorations are really important to make sure the Halloween feel carries throughout the whole hen party. There are Halloween Decorations available pretty much everywhere you look at the moment. One place we've found that has amazing accessories at a really good price is Dealz! Even if you decide not to do fancy dress for the hen decorating the place with Halloween accessories is a must. Or if you want to try and make the decorations yourself you can't fo wrong with pumpkin lanterns and cotton wool cobwebs! Don't forget to keep your food in the Halloween theme too ladies! Halloween Jellies, Cupcakes and other sweets are so easy to find in every shop!


There are loads of different Hen Party Games that you can make work for Halloween too! Games like Pin the Junk on the Hunk can be changed to Pin the Junk on the Zombie, the Blow Up Man can be changed to look a little scarier and so on. Let your imagination take over ladies! Of course, there are a few games like the Mr and Mrs Quiz that can't really incorporate Halloween but are definitely worth playing! And why not throw in some pumpkin carving as well. It takes some time but is so much fun!


What's a hen party without a few cocktails! So for your Halloween Hen Party why not make them Halloween Cocktails. There are so many amazing recipes out there for Halloween cocktails that will blow all the girls away ;) Ingredients like strawberry puree, prosecco and if you can get your hands on some powdered dry ice really make a big impact and look amazing! A nice little touch is to the rename the cocktail after the bride to be like, 'Bloody Marie', 'Bloody Sarah Temples' or 'Jen and Toxic Tonic' (okay not our best work but you get the drift!). Again imagination is key with this idea!
Geraldine McGrath
Geraldine is our hen party guru! Calmly ruling the roost and knowing every hen hotspot across Ireland. In her spare time, Geraldine likes to read, walk and spend time with family and friends. She’s also recently been rediscovering her love for cross stitch!
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