How to get a tan on a Hen Party holiday

27 Mar 2019
So you and your gals have booked the hen party to end all hen parties on a gorgeous Mediterranean island or a beautiful tropical paradise. Maybe you have booked flights to Portugal or Spain? Wherever you go, you know that you and your gang are going to have a ball on the Hen.

1. The traditional method

Wear plenty of suncreams and lay in the sun, spending 30 minutes on each side for many hours until you turn a golden brown. This is the tried and tested way to get the best tan. If you do this every day for four days, you are guaranteed to get some bit of colour on your Hen Party abroad.

2. Forget about getting a tan, you are here to explore!

A tan is just an amazing bonus of visiting this place with your pals. Squirt on the sun cream and head off on the adventure of a lifetime. If you are visiting Portugal, there will be no time to lose. This is scenic country girls! Pack a comfortable pair of sandals and get that tan whilst hiking up a hill to see some of the best views in the world.

3. Who needs a tan when you have tapas?!

Tans fade. Adorable pictures of you indulging in some exquisite tapas times do not! If you are heading to Madrid, you may spend more time ogling the local museums and lounging in the hippest cafes and tapas bars. The parties that happen after hours in Madrid famously last until dawn, so you might be making most of your memories under the moonlight rather than the sun!
So there you have it, girls, getting that natural glow may not always be the aim of the game! You can pretty much pop some on from a bottle these days anyway right!?
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