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Locations in the South: Irish Hen Locations

10 Feb 2020
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Here at we have Hen Party packages in so many locations around Ireland. Whether it’s the North of Ireland you’re looking for, or maybe it’s the West or the South, we’ll have something for you. Today we’re bringing you our favourite Locations in the South. From Cork to Dungarvan, here are just a small few of the locations we have available in the South of Ireland. So let’s see what those locations are and why you should go there for your Hen Party.


Cork is a fantastic location if you’re looking for the big city feel but also want to relax and enjoy your Hen night. With a massive city that’s full of restaurants, pubs, clubs and a huge range of activities, Cork will spoil you with choice. The Cork people are also renowned for being one of the friendliest people in the world. So one thing’s for’ll feel super welcome from the second you arrive. So ladies, take a trip to the Rebel County and see why they consider it the real Capital of Ireland.


One of the most popular locations for a Hen Party, Killarney is simply amazing! The town is located in Kerry and is a fantastic place. Full of pubs, clubs and delicious food, you’ll find everything you need for the perfect Hen Party in Killarney. You’ll also love the journey getting to Killarney because you can choose to do the Ring of Kerry route, but either way, you’ll see some beautiful scenery on your way to Killarney.


As cities go, Waterford is a relatively small one. But that’s good for you ladies! Just because Waterford is small doesn’t mean it isn’t full of amazing things to do and places to see! And one of the things we absolutely love about a Waterford Hen is the murals that you’ll see around the city. Keep an eye out for them and see how many you can find.


Kinsale is a location found in County Cork. It’s a seaside town that’s full of beauty and is also a very popular tourist spot. When in Kinsale you can almost always be sure to meet someone from anywhere around the world. You’ll find a lot of water-based activities in Kinsale such as surfing, canoeing and sailing. But what you’ll also find is Charles Fort, a 17th-century fort. Tour the inside of the fort with your girls and check out the amazing views from the top.


Dungarvan is a beautiful town in County Waterford which is surrounded by the beautiful Comeragh Mountains. It's a very historical town and you’ll find a wide selection of historical landmarks here. These landmarks include St. Johns Anglo-Norman castle, Waterford County Museum, and the Old Market House Arts Centre. As well as a number of amazing restaurants, pubs and clubs, you’ll find everything you need for a fantastic Hen Party.

So ladies, if any of these locations stand out to you then pop us an email on and let’s get your Hen booked!

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Kate Hyde
Kate Hyde
Kate, originally from Cork, founded in 2008 in her spare bedroom in Waterford. Since then, the company has grown to 6 websites in our group across 4 countries. Kate is an expert on hen party and stag party planning and organisation and is even the author of a book on the topic - “How to Hen Party - the Essential Guide” (Currach Press).
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