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Paint and Sip for a Hen Party

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Ladies, you’ve been asking us about a new activity and we have answered your calls. We’re glad to say that you can now book it with us. Yep, we’ve now got Paint and Sip available in our already massive list of Hen Party activities. This fantastic activity has been growing more and more popular over the last few years and it’s easy to see why. It’s great fun and is a fantastic activity if you’re looking for something a bit more hands-on. So let’s find out more about Paint and Sip for a Hen Party and why this activity has been brought into our arsenal due to popular demand. Let’s go ladies!

Paint and Sip is exactly what the name says. You can learn to paint some creative pieces while sipping on some of your favourite drinks. It’s a really classy Hen Party activity. It’s also a great choice because it allows you to get the party started a bit sooner than you thought. With all of the materials such as paint, brushes, canvases, etc being provided for you, all you have to do is bring your Hen Party along so the creative juices can start flowing (as well as the alcoholic ones). And one of our favourite parts is that no previous art experience is needed. The master artist running the activity will ensure you learn step by step how to paint and by the end of it, you’ll surprise yourself with how creative you are. But let’s get into more detail on all of that, shall we?

No Experience Needed for Paint and Sip

Yep, as we said above you don’t have to be a modern Picasso to have fun with this activity. The artist will help you learn how to paint and you’ll do absolutely fine. And if you’ve got any questions the artist that’s on-site will be able to answer them all for you. It’s so much fun seeing the ones go into the activity with the idea that they can’t paint come out of the activity with a really creative piece. You’ll surprise yourselves, ladies.

Socialising Over A Few Sips

Paint and Sip is an activity that brings you all together as a group. If there are some ladies in the group that you’ve never met before then you’ll quickly be chatting about your art and it’ll bring you closer together. By the end of it, you’ll be a lot closer than you were before you entered the room. And what's more, is that you’ll both leave with some genuine art tips. Winning!

The Dutch Courage Will Fuel Your Creativity

Ladies, don’t worry about if you’ll mess up on the day. The artist on hand is there to teach you how to do the best possible job, even from a beginner level. But that’s also why the alcohol adds to this activity. Once the drink starts to hit you, you’ll gain a level of confidence and you’ll produce a masterpiece. We’ve seen it happen.

So ladies, if Paint and Sip sounds like the activity for your Hen Party then all you have to do is pop us an email on and we’ll get it included in your Hen Party for you. It’s a great choice and it won't disappoint!

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Kate Hyde
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