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Paintballing on a Hen Party

28 Feb 2020

Including an activity as part of your Hen Party is a fantastic idea and can be a great way to help the group bond together. If you’ve got a large group then there are certain activities that are perfect for you. Paintballing is one of those activities. The bigger the group, the better. You’ll be split into two teams with one team having to defend their base and the other team having to attack the base. It’s a lot of fun and definitely helps with the bonding on a Hen Party. It’s also one of the most popular Stag Party activities and ladies, we can’t let the lads have all the fun, right? So here’s everything you need to know about Paintballing on a Hen Party.

Now, some of you might see ‘Paintballing’ and think it’s an activity best suited to males because of the guns, shooting, pain, etc. But Paintballing is so much more than that! Not only is it a fantastic Hen Party activity but it’s also a very popular Hen Party activity. When you’re in the middle of the games, you’ll be kicking yourself for having those thoughts about it being all about guns, shooting and pain. Oh, and it’s actually more like a pinch so you’ve nothing to worry about. But let’s get into more detail on why Paintballing for a Hen is a great idea.

Paintballing On A Hen Is A Team Activity

Before the games begin you’ll all be split into two teams. Your mission will be to either defend your base or attack the base. To do this you’ll have to work with your teammates and plan out your approach. You may not know some of the ladies on your team well but by the end of the games, you’ll be good friends. That’s one of the reasons Paintballing for a Hen is such a great idea. It’s a great activity for getting your group bonding well and it can even help form future friendships.

You’ll Get Competitive

You may not be competitive in nature, but you will be while Paintballing! Your competitive side will definitely make an appearance as you try to beat the other team. In order to beat the other team, you’ll have to take out the other team and attack their base in a Capture The Flag style. The other team may have some of your friends but once the games commence you’ll forget all that because you’ll be trying to win. All in the name of fun, of course. In the end, you’ll all be besties again.

Paintballing for a Hen is an incredible activity and is definitely one you should consider ladies. At the very least it’ll be a great experience for you all.

So if Paintballing sounds like the activity you want for your Hen Party then here’s what you need to do. Pop us a quick email on and we’ll help you get this amazing activity booked.

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Kate Hyde
Kate Hyde
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