Top 3 Hen Party activities for the water baby bride-to-be

27 Mar 2019
If your best pal part mermaid? Does she love to swim or be near the water? Then these top three hen party activities for the water baby bride-to-be are going to ensure you throw her the hen party of her dreams!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

You and your fellow hens will adore this activity. Try and master your balance on the water. If you fall, that is all part of the fun! Splash about in the water and get back up again. The instructor will be present at all times and even show you a few games to play once you have the hang.


This one is an absolute classic. Surfing is a super trendy and unique hen party activity that appeals to everyone's inner surf dude. Take breaks by laying on the sand and having cups of tea - what could be better. Ride those waves with your inner circle and breath in the sea air!

Cable Wake Boarding

This activity is totally unforgettable. We’d bet that man of your hens hasn’t tried cable wakeboarding before? Its loads of fun and a really special activity to organise for that upcoming hen party. Hop on board and be pulled around by holding on to a cable. Have you seen people do it before? You and your girls can whizz around just like them!
So there it is! The ultimate list of hen party activities for a water baby like the bride-to-be you all know and love. You and your hen party crew are going to take to any one of these activities like a fish to, well, water!
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