Why Location Matters

13 Nov 2019

Choosing the right location for your hen party can be a difficult task and it’s not made any easier by the number of things the location can have an effect on.

But rest assured because the following is a list of things the location can affect, so it might help you to make a decision on the right place for your hen party. Here’s why location matters for a hen party.

1. Transport

Bigger cities are easier to get to than small towns or villages. Public transport provides routes to all the big cities and towns, whereas small towns and villages might require you to privately hire your own form of transport.

2. Food/Drink

Food and drink greatly differ in cost from place to place. Prepare to pay higher prices in cities, compared to lower prices in towns and villages, even though the quantity of food may be the same.

3. Atmosphere

Cities will be a lot busier than towns and villages but both have their own pros and cons. Cities will be busier and louder with more chances to make lots of new friends whereas towns and villages will be quieter but that won’t take away from the amount craic you’ll have with the girls.

4. Accommodation

From ranging in price, comfort and even the amount and types of places available, the location can really affect accommodation.

5. Cost

Cost is the most important thing affected by the location because it makes everything either cheaper or more expensive and it can really affect the total cost as well as the spending on the night of the hen party.

6. Weather

One thing that’s normally overlooked when planning a hen party is how the location can affect the weather. You don’t have to be a weather forecaster to know that coastal areas are normally windier than inland places depending on the time of year. So remember to take that into account. You don’t want your dress or skirt blowing up, ladies!

7. Activities

The number of activities can be greatly affected by the location. Cities will normally have more options while towns may have more unique activities.

These are just some of the most important ways the location can affect the hen party and we feel that all are as important as each other. Each and every location will always have pros and cons, so it’s up to you to decide which pros are better than others and which area is worth the cons.

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