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Bridesmaid Proposals

In Hen Party Planning Tips 24 Feb 2017
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Bridesmaid proposals are becoming the norm these days ladies. A bridesmaid proposal is exactly how it sounds. The bride-to-be asks her future bridesmaid to be her bridesmaid in a very special way...a proposal! Your bridesmaids are going to be your biggest allies for your wedding plans so it's so important to make them feel special. So to help you out ladies here are a few of our favourite Bridesmaid Proposals.

A Piece Of Jewellery

Why not ask your friend or sister to be your bridesmaid with a piece of Jewellery. Get a necklace, bracelet or ring and either engrave it asking them to be your bridesmaid or put a message in the jewellery box. This is a sweet and simple idea but will blow your bridesmaids away. Probably best to use this idea if you only have a few bridesmaids, getting some nice piece of jewellery could be expensive!

Proposal Box

Or why not make a proposal box. This is basically a box filled with all the bridesmaid's favourite things. Her favourite snack, drink, lipstick, nail polish, anything you can think off that will fit. In the box, there will also be a note asking her to be your bridesmaid. Again this is a really simple idea but it will leave a lasting impression! Throw in a picture of the two of you together also explaining how much she means to you on the back...CUTE!

Jigsaw Message

Another bridesmaid proposal that we absolutely LOVE is the Jigsaw Message. The Jigsaw message is definitely one of the most creative ways to ask your friend/sister to be part of your big day. The Jigsaw Message is where the proposal is printed onto a piece of card. In order to figure out what it says the bridesmaid has to assemble it. We just adore this idea! It's not really something that you can do DIY but there are loads of companies out there that make personalised jigsaws check out Make sure to not make the puzzle too hard but still hard enough where she won't know what it is immediately!

A Glass Or Cup

Getting your proposal engraved or printed on a glass or cup is another idea that we love! This idea is relatively inexpensive but will do the job perfectly! If the bridesmaid loves wine get her a wine glass, if she loves gin a gin glass if tea is her favourite drink then go for a nice mug. This way the present will be really personal. Present it to the bridesmaid in person and enjoy a drink then to celebrate! Lovely...

A Personalised Bottle of Wine of Champagne

This is another proposal idea that we absolutely LOVE! Surprise the bridesmaid with a personalised bottle of wine or champagne to ask her to be your bridesmaid. Get a personalised label printed up with a message of why you love her and want her to be part of your big day. To make this idea an extra special present it to her in a wine box or champagne box with a few extra touches like confetti and crepe paper. It's the little things that really make the big difference!

Bridesmaid Scratchcards

A recent proposal idea that we came across is the Bridesmaid Scratchcards. This idea is gorgeous! The wonderful folks over at the award-winning Amore Wedding Stationary came up with the fab idea of bridesmaid scratchcards. Basically the bridesmaid has to scratch out a piece of the card to reveal the proposal! We LOVE it! I mean we can't deny it we are addicted to scratchcards, so this combo of bridesmaid proposals and scratchcards is definitely a winning one for us!
If you have any more ideas on the perfect Bridesmaid Proposals we'd love to hear them ladies! Just remember ladies a happy bridesmaid makes for a happy bride!

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