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Stresses On a Maid Of Honour for a Hen

In Hen Party Planning Tips 11 Oct 2021
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When a friend or family member get engaged it is great excitement all round for everyone so the celebrations begin. You may feel that you could be asked to be involved in the wedding party and are quite excited about that and is just waiting for the big question to be asked but then you get asked to be maid of honour. Thrilled, delighted and scared are the emotions running through you at this point as you now have the major job of planning the perfect hen party for that special person.

We, better than anyone, know it can be stressful planning a Hen Party and taking on this responsibility! But fear not! We won't lie - there are jobs to be done for the Hen. But you've got this! We've put some tips together to help navigate some of the Stresses On a Maid Of Honour for a Hen!

What type of Bride is she

First things first, what kind of person is your bride to be? As she has asked you to be her maid of honour this would mean that you both are very close. Therefor you would know her really well. You would know what location would be good to choose, what type of food does she like, which goes with what restaurant you would choose. Then your activity, is she someone who would like an activity and if so what type would she like. So try not to get too stressed. You, better than anyone know what you are doing! If we can give you one piece of good advice, it's to go with what she likes. When you do that you are half way there.

Who is coming

You then need to find out who is attending the hen party so you can ask them and start planning numbers. This can be where your stress may start in all the planning. But be organised and systematic and it really will be fine. Just ask the bride for a list of everyone she wants to be there. Ask for their numbers or emails and either email or Whatsapp inviting them to the Hen. Group Whatsapp's are perfectly fine as well. Just start by introducing yourself as the Maid of Honour and that you will be organising the Hen. Then give the date and ask them to confirm they can come and that more details will follow one you have numbers in place. Sorted!


Choosing the location comes to mind to next. This part of the Hen can be stressful so slow it down and consider the situation you have in front of you nice and calmly. Would your hen be lively and like something with a busy nigh life or is she quiet and like something a bit tamer for her hen group. Choosing the location could also depend on the accommodation type the locations offer. Like you you might fancy Kilkenny as there are so many choices, rather than say, the Aran Islands where they are limited. Then you also need to see how far it is to travel too, what type of travel would best suit your group and you need to consider that cost. Travel expenses can drive the cost up of it to if it is a fair distance from your hometown and if everyone is not traveling from the same direction that has to be factored in too. Above all else though, make sure she likes the spot.

Meals and eating out

Making sure everyone gets to have a nice meal in the evening is another big thing that can cause stress to a maid of honour. But think it through and all will be fine! As you have a group of strangers going on a hen party you really don’t know what kind of people they are. Do you choose a sit down 3 course meal with a few option choices or do you choose finger food, what kind of restaurant or pub you go with. This I think is one of the biggest stresses when planning a hen party because all you want to do is get everything right. So going for a restaurant that serves food that will appeal to everyone is key here. You might love to try sushi for the Hen, but chances are people in the group won't be keen. So keep it simple so as everyone enjoys it.


Last thing is the activity for your Hen group. This can also get a bit stressful so chill and all will be well. Choosing a suitable activity can depend on a lot of factors, age, style, type and if everyone is willing to go and do it. Not every activity is suitable for everyone, or isn’t everyones cup of tea. For some people attending a hen party they would really rather sit around and chatting with other members of the group, rather than taking part in an activity. So ask your planner for ideas on activities that would suit your age profiles and personality types. Take the info you have and ask an expert! That always reduces stress.

After you sort out these Stresses On a Maid Of Honour for a Hen, you are all good to go and give your bride to be the most memorable hen night ever. The most important thing is to stay calm and talk to your planner. Tell them about your group, give as much info as you can. This all helps create the best Hen ever! And don't forget, we are always on hand to help - just contact us here!

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Kate Hyde
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