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Afternoon Tea for your Hen Party

Who doesn’t love a nice cuppa with a delicious scone or a sandwich? Afternoon Tea is a classy Hen Party activity that offers just that! From fresh gourmet sandwiches to delicious scones, cakes and pastries, it’s no wonder Afternoon Tea is one of the most popular Hen Party activities. It’s the perfect activity for the Hens that are looking for a nice, quiet afternoon with the chats and some delicious food.

But what also makes Afternoon Tea so good is how elegant the set up is. Everything will be laid out in a beautiful way for you and you’ll feel like royalty. It’s one of the most sophisticated activities out there. But if that’s not usually your style, don’t be intimidated because it really is an activity that’s suitable for everyone.

So let’s find out everything you need to know about an Afternoon Tea as a Hen Party activity.

What Is It?:

So, let’s start with the basics. As we’ve said already, Afternoon Tea is exactly as the name suggests. You and your ladies will arrive at the venue and spend the afternoon mingling with the whole group. It’s the perfect way to catch up with your friends while also getting acquainted with some of the people you may have never met before. With a wide selection of sandwiches, cakes, and scones available, you’ll enjoy a delicious afternoon dining experience.

Why Afternoon Tea Is Great:

Afternoon Tea is the perfect activity for a hen party looking for a classy and sophisticated experience. It’s a little different from the norm but it promises an amazingly luxurious afternoon for all. Despite what the name says, some venues provide more than just tea. If you fancy something a little stronger than tea, there are menus available that include things such as Prosecco and cocktails. It’s also found in a different variation as a Vintage Tea Party. The choice is completely yours on which type of Afternoon Tea you choose. But one thing is’ll have a fantastic experience either way!

It’s An Activity That’s Suitable For Everyone:

If the bride has family of all ages that she wants at the hen party then Afternoon Tea is just the thing. It’s a highly inclusive activity that caters for anyone and everyone. You can choose to avoid alcoholic beverages and keep it strictly to tea and coffee to make the menu suitable for even the little youngsters that the bride might want to come along. Perfect!

So if you’ve been considering an Afternoon Tea as your Hen Party activity then we hope this has told you everything you need to know to make your mind up.

If Afternoon Tea is your chosen activity then contact us now and we can tell you which of our Hen Packages you’ll find Afternoon Tea!

Kate Hyde
Kate Hyde
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