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Virtual Hen Party Games


Virtual Hen Party Games

With virtual Hen party games being our new norm, it can be a lot of pressure to get it right and to pull off the perfect Hen party. So we really think the focus of your night should be on the games and activities. We have some fun Hen party games to have you all in absolute stitches from start to finish. A virtual Hen will never be the same as a real life Hen Party. But there are so many cute and special ideas to make the bride smile and having virtual Hen Party games is just one.

Why play virtual games?

Brides need us right now! Their weddings have been cancelled, their Hens have been cancelled. They are upset and need our love. If you have ever wanted to be there for your friend, now is the time. And a virtual Hen with lots of fun games will put a smile on any brides face.

The pandemic has affected us all. And its tough out there! So try an put some love and friendship back in a friends life with a surprise online Hen party. Or even a virtual get together of the bridal party.

Our top online Hen Party games

Build A Willy

Build a Willy is the ultimate ice breaker game for our groups. All you need is some tubs of play doh and the imagination to go with it :0) Build the best willy to win a prize on the night, always a good game for the start of the night to get everyone in the Hen party frame of mind :0) This game is cheap and fun and what better way to get everyone laughing. The biggest prep needed is sending some play doh to the guests in advance.

Truth or Dare

Who doesn’t love the classic Hen party favourite of our truth or dare game. Buy a set of cards and tHen pick a name to ask truth or dare. There are some great dares to do from the comfort of your own home but while getting the girls laughing over zoom. Something to do after a few drinks that’s for sure!

Or, if you are feeling creative you can think up your own questions. Its really funny to use memories of the bride or groom from the past as the basis to play this. Or find some inspiration here in our questions.

Mr & Mrs Game

The Mr & Mrs Game remains the most popular Hen party game in the history of Hen parties. And it can still be played online! In fact why not conference in the groom for this one! Both bride and groom are asked the questions about each other while the other stays quiet and jots down their answers on a notebook. At the end the answers are revealed, let’s hope the groom is (Mr.) RIGHT or else there will be a not so happy Hen on his case for the night :0)

Never Have I Ever Game

Never have I ever game is a firm favourite on a Hen. Especially after it was shot into the public eye on Love Island.

You start by someone saying the statement “never have I ever….” And tHen putting something in. Like it could be ‘Never have I ever been skinny dipping’. If another player HAS been skinning dipping before they must do a forfeit like taking a swig of a drink, or something like that. If the other players have not been skinny dipping tHen they don’t have to do anything.

The more risqué and fun the questions the more laughs are to be had. A good ice breaker game and you are sure to be laughing your socks off by the end of it as some stories will be told along the way. Here are some calmer versions of the questions from Oprah if you are stuck.

Who Knows The Bride Best

Who knows the bride best…surely this is where the maid of honour will be shouting “me, me, me”? Let’s put that to the test. Each lady asks the group two questions about the bride and you all write the answers down, take a pic of your answers and WhatsApp them to the bride, she will go through the answers and crown the winner and new bestie LOL :0) This one gets nice and competitive for obvious reasons.

Prizes for the Winners

To add a bit of fun to any of these games why not post the winners some prizes afterwards. They don’t have to break the bank, they can be as simple as a box of malteasers or a bag of crisps. Something funny. But it adds to the air of competition plus is also really good fun.

If you really want to push the boat out in terms of prizes there are cheap and cheerful medals available for ‘winners’ on lots of online sites.

There you have it, some great activities for your very own virtual Hen party. These are all guaranteed to be great craic and get the party going for your bride to be. All of the games above will keep the cost of the Hen party low but the quality of the night high, which is what we all need right now :0) It is the perfect mix of games for your virtual Hen party and will keep your party entertained.

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